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Sophia Pathway- Environmental Science - Practice Unit 1 Milestone 1

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Sophia Pathway- Environmental Science - Practice Unit 1 Milestone 1.Correct answers hi-lighted in yellow 1 Of the four graphs below, select the one that is misleading. ”Types of Weather in... February” Pie Chart is the correct answer CONCEPT Graphs in Environmental Science 2 Plant and animal life faced some challenges when moving from water to land. Identify which things from the list below were among the challenges faced during the early life transitions. Yes No More difficult to move on land X Finding an adequate food supply X A lack of ozone protection on land X CONCEPT Early Life 3 Select the month the solar system was created from the options below based on the one-year calendar model according to the Big Bang theory. • August • September • December • January CONCEPT Earth's Formation 4 Categorize the statements below as reflecting an environmental scientist stance or an environmentalist stance. Environmental Scientist Environmentalist Overfishing and land-based pollution have damaged 20% of the ocean's coral reefs. X Corals demonstrate the partnership of symbiosis in which both plants and animals benefit. X Approximately 30 million people around the world are dependent on reefs, and they must protect them. X [Show More]

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