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NURS 5603 _ ATI RN Adult MedSurg Online Practice A Questions And Answers/Rated A+

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ATI: RN Adult Medical Surgical Online Practice 2019 A 1) A nurse is caring for a client who has hepatic encephalopathy that is being treated with lactulose. The client is experiencing excessive stoo l... s. Which of the following findings is an adverse effect of this medication? a. Hypokalemia b. Hypercalcemia c. Gastrointestinal bleeding d. Confusion 2) A nurse is caring for a client who has emphysema and is receiving mechanical ventilation. The client appears anxious and restless, and the high-pressure alarm is sounding. Which of the following actions should the nurse take first? a. Obtain ABGs b. Administer propofol to the client c. Instruct the client to allow the machine to breathe for them. d. Disconnect the machine and manually ventilate the client 3) A nurse is teaching a client who has family history of colorectal cancer. To help mitigate this risk, which of the following dietary alterations should the nurse recommend? a. Add full-fat yogurt to the diet b. Add cabbage to the diet c. Replace butter with coconut oil d. Replace shellfish with red meat 4) A home health nurse is assigned to a client who was recently discharged from a rehabilitation center after experiencing a right-hemispheric stroke. Which of the following neurological deficits should the nurse expect to find when assessing the client? (Select all that apply) a. Expressive aphasia b. Visual spatial deficits c. Left hemianopsia d. Right hemiplegia e. One-sided neglect 5) A nurse is caring for a client who has viral pneumonia. The client’s pulse oximeter readings have fluctuated between 79% and 88% for the last 30 min. Which of the following oxygen delivery systems should the nurse initiate to provide the highest concentration of oxygen? a. Nonrebreather mask b. Venturi mask c. Simple face mask d. Partial rebreather mask 6) A nurse is caring for a client who has bilateral pneumonia and an SaO2 of 85%. [Show More]

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