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OCR GCE Biology A H020-02 Depth in Biology Mark Scheme Autumn 2021

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1 (a) (i) soluble / polar ✓ 1 AO1.1 1 (a) (ii) any three from: glycogen (compared to amylopectin) more branched ✓ more coiled ✓ (so is) more compact / less space needed (for storage) ✓ ... (branching gives) many / more, free ends ✓ where glucose can be added or removed ✓ (so) speeds up glucose, release / hydrolysis ✓ 3 max AO2.1 ORA for amylopectin throughout 1 (a) (iii) OH / H, group on C1 is in opposite position to, beta glucose / Fig 1.1 OR in alpha glucose -H is at top and -OH is at bottom on C1 ✓ 1 AO1.1 ALLOW C1 position to be shown on diagram 1 (b) diagram completed to show correct position of all 5 carbon atoms in a pentose ✓ 1 AO1.1 IGNORE additional H, OH, H2OH C O C O C C C [Show More]

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