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Pharmacology HESI Questions and Answers Latest Update Graded A+ Assess AP for a full minute; if its below 60 or above 100 then hold the drug. Correct Answer- What do you do before administering Dig... oxin? Postive & negative Correct Answer- Digoxin has a _______ inotrope &_________ chronotrope. Positive inotrope Correct Answer- increases force of contraction Negative chronotrope Correct Answer- decreases HR Digoxin toxicity Correct Answer- Lasix can cause hypokalemia, which can lead to what toxicity? dig toxicity Correct Answer- A client with longterm hx use of digoxin and lasix can create a high risk of what? 0.5 - 2 ng/mL Correct Answer- What is the normal range for digoxin? 3.5 - 5.0 mEq/L Correct Answer- What is the normal level for potassium? potassium and magnesium Correct Answer- What 2 electrolyte deficiency would cause a increase risk for digoxin toxicity? Anorexia, bradycardia, HA, dizziness, confusion, nausea, and visual disturbances (blurred vision, yellow vision, and/or halo vision). Correct Answer- What are the S/S of digoxin toxicity? HTN Correct Answer- Labetalol is a beta blocker used to tx what condition? [Show More]

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