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Sophia PHI 445 Intro to Ethics UNIT 1 — MILESTONE 1_ 15/15; Fall 2021

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Sophia PHI 445 Intro to Ethics Questions and Answers_ 2021 Cogent UNIT 1 — MILESTONE 1 Unsound Uncogent 2 Which of the following is an inductive argument? Mary is on vacation. If Mary is on vacation... , then she will not be able to attend the baby shower today. Therefore, Mary will not be able to attend the baby shower today. My new car has a built-in GPS. My friend’s new car has a built-in GPS, and so does my mom’s new car. It follows that all new cars have a built-in GPS. There are two cans of cat food in the cupboard beneath the kitchen sink. There are three cans of cat food in the cupboard next to the sink. There is no other cat food in the house. Therefore, there are five cans of cat food. Jane, David, and Luke are a small family. Jane has brown eyes. David and Luke have brown eyes, too. Thus, all members of the family have brown eyes. 3 Because she is a teacher who works with children, Yuki is required by law to report suspected abuse. One day a student says that his dad frequently hits him after having a drink. Despite the boy's insistence that it's a secret, Yuki informs the school office, which calls the authorities. Yuki's decision constitutes a(n) action. impermissible obligatory neutral supererogatory 4 Jerome conducts a survey to see how many of his neighbors believe they have a moral duty to report suspicious activity to the police. He finds that 8 in 10 believe they have such a duty. Which branch of ethics do the results of Jerome's survey represent? Normative ethics Metaethics Descriptive ethics 5 Which of the following statements reflects objectivism? Ethical truths can change as circumstances change. Stealing can be right or wrong depending on the individual. It is not possible to generalize one universal standard for morality. The same ethical standards apply to all cultures. 6 Which of the following considerations is relevant to a person whose elderly parents are sick but refuse to make an appointment at the doctor? Which days of the week are appointments available? Who has treated their illnesses in the past? Is it her place to make decisions for her parents? Does she have medical expertise? 7 Many people confuse topics of religion, social etiquette, and law with ethical topics. Select the example related to law. Nancy was baptized when she was a baby. I am the only insured driver, so my daughter cannot drive the rental car. We tipped the server 25% because he did an excellent job. Jack allows a woman with children to board the airplane first. 8 Which of the following is a philosophical question? How many people are religious? What time does the movie start on Friday? Will you continue with your college education? What is the best system of morality? 9 Susan is studying the morality of taking terminally ill patients off life support. After thorough research and consideration of many different views, she argues that doctors have a moral obligation to use whatever means are available to preserve a patient's life. Which step of philosophical inquiry has Susan done? Identify positions on the question Specify your question Advance a thesis and justification Evaluate positions 10 Consider the following argument: (1) Mortgage rates are at an all time low. (2) It is therefore a good time to buy a home. (3) Also, property values have been increasing over the last five years, and (4) a number of new homes in my neighborhood are for sale. Which of the four numbered statements is the conclusion? 3 2 1 4 11 Which of the following is the best definition for philosophy? A set of beliefs that is accepted as true without evidence A method of explaining the fundamental nature of existence The study of using argumentation and logic to persuade others The pursuit of truths that cannot be determined empirically 12 Which of the following is a benefit of philosophy? Philosophy improves understanding of argumentation. Philosophy maintains society's collective memory. Philosophy defends what is traditional in society. Philosophy is useful as a tool to justify personal opinions. 13 Which of the following is an argument? Janet studies every day and takes notes in class. She will probably do well in the class for that reason. Not getting enough sleep on a regular basis is a problem for many adults. I begin my day with a one-mile run, a shower, and a healthy breakfast. If I go to Washington D.C. next weekend, then I'll get you a souvenir. 14 Which of the following is a valid deductive argument? All cyclists are health-conscious. Byron is health-conscious. Therefore, Byron is a cyclist. For over five decades, fantasy fiction has been very popular. It will probably continue to be popular in the coming decade. Every time it snows, the roads need to be plowed. It is supposed to snow later today. Therefore, the roads will need to be plowed later today. Smith is one of the most common last names in the United States. My friend Todd is a very common person. Therefore, Todd's last name is Smith. 15 Which of the following statements is true of ethics? Ethical behavior has little to do with interpersonal interaction. Ethical principles are just personal opinions. Ethics is not subject to the same level of rigor as other philosophical pursuits. Objectivity is vital to ethical thought. [Show More]

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