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Chapter 1 Questions AAPC CPC | with 100% Correct Answers

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Which type of information is not maintained in a medical record? a. observations b. medical or surgical interventions c. Treatment outcomes d. Financial records - ✔✔d. Financial records EHR s... tands for: a. Extended health record b. Electronic health response c. Electronic health record d. Establish health record - ✔✔C. Electronic health record The Medicare program is made of several parts. Which part covers provider fees without the use of a private insurer? a. Part A b. Part B c. Part C d. Part D - ✔✔b. Part B What does CMS-HCC stand for? a. County Mandated Services-Heightened Control Center b. Country Mandated Services- Hospital Coding Initiative c. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid services- Hierarchal Condition Category d. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Sercies- Hospital Correct Coding Initiative - ✔✔c. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services- Hierarchal Condition Category Which coding manuals do outpatient coders focus on learning? a. CPT, HCPCS Level II, icd-10-cm, ICD-10-PCS b. ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS c. CPT, HCPCS Levell II, ICD-10-CM d. CPT and ICD-10-CM - ✔✔c. CPT, HCPCS Level II, and ICD-10-CM The____describes whether specific medical items, services, treatment procedures or technologies are consider medically necessary under Medicare. A. National Coverage Determinations Manual B. Medicare Physician Fee Schedule C. Medicare Severity-Diagnosis Related Groups (MS-DRG) D. Internet Only Manual - ✔✔A. National Coverage Determinations Manual What does MAC stand for? A. Medicaid Alert Contractor B. Medicare Administrative Contractor C. Medicare Advisory ContractorD. Medicaid Administrative Contractor - ✔✔B. Medicare Administrative Contractor LCD's only have jurisdiction in their? A. Locality B. State C. Region D. District - ✔✔c. Region [Show More]

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