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ASVAB: Arithmetic Reasoning Test. If a car is towed 12 miles to the repair shop and the tow charge is $3.50 per mile, how much does the tow cost? (a) $12.00 (b) $3.50 (c) $42.00 (d) $100.00 ... The sum of two numbers is 70. One number is 8 more than the other. What's the smaller number? (a) 31 (b) 33 (c) 35 (d) 36 A sales manager buys antacid in bottles the gross. If he goes through 3 bottles antacid everyday, how long will the gross last? (a) 144 days (b) 3 days (c) 20 days (d) 48 days Jenny's test grades are 93,89, 96, and 98. If she wishes to raise her average to 95, what does she need to score on her next test? (a) 100 (b) 99 (c) 97 (d) 95 A waitress earns an average of 12% of the cost of the food she serves. If she serves $375 worth of food in one evening, how much money in tips will she earn on average? (a) $37 (b) $45 (c) $42 (d) $420 How many square feet of carpeting are needed to carpet a 12-foot × 12-foot room? (a) 24 (b) 120 (c) 48 (d) 144 Joe received an hourly wage of $8.15. His boss gave him a 7% raise. How much does Joe make per hour now? (a) $0.57 (b) $8.90 (c) $8.72 (d) $13.85 Alice leaves her house, driving east at 45 miles per hour (mph). Thirty minutes later her husband Dave notices she forgot her cell phone and sets off after her. How fast must Dave travel in order to catch up with Alice 3 hours after he leaves? (a) 49 mph (b) 50.5 mph (c) 52.5 mph (d) 54 mph Miriam bought five cases of motor oil on sale. A case of motor oil normally costs $24.00, but she was able to purchase the oil for $22.50 a case. How much money did Miriam save on her entire purchase? (a) $7.50 (b) $1.50 (c) $8.00 (d) $22.50 A security guard walks the equivalent of six city blocks when he makes a circuit around the building. If he walks at a pace of eight city blocks every 30 minutes, how long will it take him to complete a circuit around the building, assuming he doesn't run into any thieves? (a) 20.00 minutes (b) 3.75 minutes (c) 22.50 minutes (d) 7.5 minutes The population of Grand Island, Nebraska, grew by 600,000 people between 1995 and 2005, one-fifth more than the town council predicted. The town originally predicted the city;s population to grow by (a) 400,000 (b) 500,000 (c) 300,000 (d) 100,000 Karl is driving in Austria, where the speed limit is posted in kilometers per hour. The car's speedometer shows that he's traveling at a rate of 75 kilometers per hour. Karl knows that a kilometer is about ⁵/₈ of mile. Approximately how many miles per hour is Karl traveling? (a) 47 (b) 120 (c) 50 (d) 53 A carpenter earns $12.30 an hour for a 40-hour week. His overtime pay is 1¹/₂ times his base pay. If he puts in a 46-hour week, how much is his weekly pay? (a) $602.70 (b) $492.00 (c) $565.80 (d) $110.70 An office building has 30 employees and provides 42 square feet of work space per employee. If five more employees are hired, how much less work space will each employee have? (a) 6 square feet (b) 7 square feet (c) 7.5 square feet (d) 36 square feet Stan bought a monster truck for a $2,000 down payment and $450 a month for five years. What's the total cost of the monster truck? (a) $4,250 (b) $29,000 (c) $27,000 (d) $34,000 MIchael needs 55 gallons if paint to paint an apartment building. He would like to purchase the paint for the least amount money possible. Which of the following should he buy? (a) two 25-gallon buckets at $550 each (b) eleven 5-gallon buckets at $108 each (c) six at 10-gallon buckets at $215 each (d) fifty-five 1-gallon bucket at $23 each As a member of FEMA, you're required to set up a contingency plan to supply meals to residents of a town devastated by a tornado. A breakfast ration weights 12 ounces and the lunch and dinner rations weight 18 ounces each. Assuming a food truck can carry 3 tons and that each resident will receive 3 meals per day, how many residents can you feed from one truck during a 10-day period? (a) 150 residents (b) 200 residents (c) 250 residents (d) 300 residents A train headed south for Wichita left the station at the same time a train headed north for Des Moines left the same station. The train headed to Wichita traveled 55 miles per hour. The train headed for Des Moines traveled at 70 miles per hour. How many miles apart are the trains at the end of three hours? (a) 210 miles (b) 165 miles (c) 125 miles (d) 375 miles A carpenter needs to cut four sections, each 3 feet, 8 inches long, from a piece of molding. If the board is only sold by the foot, what's the shortest length of board she can buy? (a) 15 feet (b) 14 feet (c) 16 feet (d) 12 feet Kiya had only one coupon for 10% off one frozen turkey breast. The turkey breast costs $8.50 each, and Kiya wanted to buy two. How much did she pay? (a) $16.15 (b) $17.00 (c) $15.30 (d) $7.65 Your car uses gasoline at a rate of 21 miles per gallon. If gasoline costs $2.82 per gallon and you drive for 7 hours at a speed of 48 miles per hour, how much will you pay for gasoline for the trip? (a) $38.18 (b) $45.12 (c) $47.73 (d) $59.27 If you roll two six-sided dice, what's the probability of not rolling a five on either die? (a) ¹/₃₆ (b) ¹/₆ (c) ⁴/₃₆ (d) ²⁵/₃₆ Jack loaned Bob $1,500 at an annual interest rate of 7%. After one year, how much will Bob owe Jack? (a) $105 (b) $1,500 (c) $1,605 (d) $1,507 - A 2-ton truck is taxed at a rate of $0.12 per pound. How much is the total tax bill? (a) $480 (b) $240 (c) $120 (d) $600 If ab = 10 and a² + b² = 30, solve for y in the equation y = (a+b)². (a) 40 (b) 45 (c) 50 (d) 55 A half-pint of cream is what part of a gallon? (a) ¹/₈ (b) ¹/₄ (c) ¹/₁₆ (d) ¹/₆ The cost of a protein bar increased from $2.50 to $2.80. The percent increase to the $2.80 rate was how much? (a) 16% (b) 10% (c) 15% (d) 12% An aircraft flies over Boondock Air Force Base at 10:20 a.m. At 10:32 a.m., the plane passes over Sea Side Naval Air Station, 120 miles away. How fast is the aircraft traveling? (a) 400 mph (b) 500 mph (c) 600 mph (d) 700 mph [Show More]

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