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HEALTH ASSESSMENT HESI (Comprehensive Guide) | Designed to Help You Score A+ | HEALTH ASSESSMENT HESI TEST BANK; Fall 2022.

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1.In an interview, the nurse may find it necessary to take notes to aid his or hermemory later. Which statement is true regarding note-taking?A)Note-taking may impede the nurse's observation of the pa... tient's nonverbalbehaviors.B)Note-taking allows the patient to continue at his or her own pace as the nurserecords what is said.C)Note-taking allows the nurse to shift attention away from the patient, resulting in anincreased comfort level.D)Note-taking allows the nurse to break eye contact with the patient, which mayincrease his or her level of comfort. - A) Note-taking may impede the nurse'sobservation of the patient's nonverbal behaviors.Page: 31 Some use of history forms and note-taking may be unavoidable. But be aware that note-taking during the interview has disadvantages. It breaks eye contact too often, and it shifts attention away from the patient, which diminishes his or her sense of importance. It also may interrupt the patient's narrative flow, and it impedes the observation of the patient's nonverbal behavior. 2.During an interview, the nurse states, "You mentioned shortness of breath. Tell memore about that." Which verbal skill is used with this statement?A)ReflectionB)FacilitationC)Direct questionD)Open-ended question - D) Open-ended questionPage: 32 The open-ended question asks for narrative information. It states the topic to be discussed but only in general terms. The nurse should use it to begin the interview, to introduce a new section of questions, and whenever the person introduces a new topic. 3.A nurse is taking complete health histories on all of the patients attending a wellnessworkshop. On the history form, one of the written questions asks, "You don't smoke,drink, or take drugs, do you?" This question is an example of:A)talking too much.B)using confrontation.C)using biased or leading questions.D)using blunt language to deal with distasteful topics. - C) using biased or leadingquestions. [Show More]

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