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NLN PAX SCIENCE PRACTICE TESTS LATEST 2022 A person blows his breath into a straw that is placed in limewater. The limewater becomes cloudy because the person's breath contains: - Correct Answer-... carbon dioxide A person who was in an auto accident has formed a blood clot at the site of the injury. One event that can lead to formation of a blood clot is that: - Correct Answer- ruptured platelets release thromboplastin A student focuses sunlight to a point with a thin converging (convex) lens. Which of these direct measurements can the student make as a result of this experiment? - Correct Answer- the approximate focal length of the lens In ecological succession, the first living thing to colonize a hitherto barren area is called a: - Correct Answer- pioneer organism Unicellular organisms that have a nucleus and can swim with the aid of cilia are examples of: - Correct Answer- protozoans Which of these conditions is associated with smoking? - Correct Answer- emphysema Which of these quantities is most closely associated with an object's inertia? - Correct Answer- Mass Which of these sequences of anatomic organization, from the simplest level to the most complex, is the correct sequence? - Correct Answer- From tissue, organ, organ system to organism Which part of the cell structure controls the passage of materials into and out of the cell? - Correct Answer- Plasma membrane While working in the chemistry laboratory, a student spills dilute hydrochloric acid on her hand. What is the first action this student should take? - Correct Answer- Flush her hand with large quantities of water Within a living cell, the oxygen (O2) from a mixture of O2 and carbon dioxide (CO2) is used up. This creates a concentration gradient across the cell membrane, drawing O2 across the membrane from the outside in, a process known as - Correct Answer- Diffusion You cut your finger rather deeply while slicing an apple. Which of these actions should you take first? - Correct Answer- Wash the wound continuously with cold running water 30 students in a class carefully measure the length and width of 20 peanut shells. They also count the number and note the size of the peanuts inside. This information is recorded on various graphs showing the numbers of nuts and the different sizes. The collected evidence of the peanuts gives the students an idea of the extent of: - Correct Answer- variation within a species A *tincture* is a solution in which: - Correct Answer- alcohol is the solvent All the glucose filtered from the blood in the glomerulus into the Bowman's capsule of the kidney nephron is returned to the tissue fluid while passing along the proximal tubule. This rapid return is effected by the process of: - Correct Answer- active transport If the night temperature drops 50 degrees, the roadrunner's internal energy-conservation permits a lowering of body temperature to: - Correct Answer- 94°F 1 kilogram (kg) of solid X at 10C and 1 kg of solid Y 10C each absorb 5 joules of heat energy. The final temperatures on X and Y is 15C and 20C, respectively. Compared to X, Y must have a lower:F - Correct Answer- specific heat A woman suddenly chokes on a piece of food and clutches frantically at her throat. An immediate remedy is to: - Correct Answer- apply quick, hard pressures successively to her abdomen, just below her diaphragm An unknown gas is more dense than air, does not support combustion, and turns a limewater solution cloudy. This gas is most probably: - Correct Answer- carbon dioxide Night blindness in humans is caused by a lack of: - Correct Answer- Vitamin A In varieties of matter, the term heterogeneous may be applied to: - Correct Answer- mixtures, but not elements or compounds The atoms of an element with seven valence electrons are most probably classified as: - Correct Answer- nonmetals The inherited factors that are transmitted in a organism from generation to generation are called its: - Correct Answer- genotype Which of these conditions is associated with smoking? - Correct Answer- Emphysema Within which of these structures of the female reproductive tract is the human egg fertilized? - Correct Answer- Fallopian tube A cell which manufactures a large amount of protein for export would have an abundance of organelles called: - Correct Answer- ribosomes A lens that focuses distant light to a single point is known as a : - Correct Answer- converging (convex) lens A substance composed of similar atoms (number of protons is the same for all) that can not be broken down chemically is a(n) - Correct Answer- element Charles Darwin's theory of evolution suggests that the reason for the various differences between species is a result of: - Correct Answer- natural selection How much current is drawn by a light bulb that has a resistance of 100 R with a voltage of 110 V? (V= IR) - Correct Answer- 1.1 amperes The amplitude of a sound wave is most closely related to its: - Correct Answer- loudness CONTINUES... [Show More]

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