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NAPSRx Final Exam Solution 2020 Correct Answers | Rated A+

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NAPSRX Test 1.How are drugs sorted into therapeutic groups and classes? A. first by the conditions that they are used to treat, and then by their mechanisms of action B. first by their mechanisms... of action, and then by their therapeutic effects C. first by their side effects, and then by therapeutic effects D. first by their toxically, and then by their effectiveness 2.Bone marrow transplants… A. … require that the patient first undergo chemotherapy or radiation to kill the diseased stem cells and promote white blood cell production. B. … are a type of stem cell therapy, unless patient’s own cells are reinjected. C. … are always a type of stem cell therapy. D. … can help people with leukemia, a condition in which the body does not produce enough white blood cells. 3.What does AMA stand for? C. American Medical Association 4.What section of a drug’s package insert describes situations in which the drug should not be used because the risks outweigh the therapeutic benefits? B. contraindications 5.What is tertiary care? B. highly specialized medical and surgical care provided by a large medical center for unusual or complex medical problems 6.Which of the following is NOT one of the stages in the classic approach to brand development strategy covered in your manual? C. brand quality 7.What are vasodilators used to do? A. decrease vascular resistance and increase blood flow B. mimic pathogens to stimulate the immune system C. narrow the blood vessels D. stimulate the CNS to make the heart beat faster 8.What is the name of the condition that occurs after a specific dose of a drug is given at such regular intervals that absorption and elimination (and therefore drug plasma concentration) have become constant? A. homeostasis B. steady state C. titration D. tolerance 9.Which statement is TRUE about ocular administration? A. Ocular administration is primarily for drugs that must cross the blood-brain barrier. B. Ocular administration is used primarily to treat the eye.’ C. Ocular administration is used when a drug must enter the bloodstream immediately. D. Ocular administration is used when a drug must produce immediate effects on the brain or spinal cord. 10.Which entity/entities invest(s) the most money in pharmaceutical R&D? A. Canadian pharmaceutical companies B. the NIH C. the U.S. Government D. U.S. pharmaceutical companies 11.How are most drugs excreted? A. via the bloodstream B. via the heart C. via the kidneys D. via the skin 12.Over the last few decades, what has happened to legal limitations on sales’ reps discussions about off label uses? A. Limitations have decreased. B. Limitations have increased significantly. [Show More]

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