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CPCE Sample Test | 220 Questions with 100% Correct Answers | 35 Pages

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Kohlberg's theory of moral development includes 3 progressive levels culminating in... A. self-actualization, wherein the individual is fully humanistic. B. principled thought, wherein the individua... l adopts a self- accepted set of standards of behavior. C. androgyny, wherein the individual exhibits both male and female stereotypic behaviors. D. personhood, wherein the individual is free from moral dilemmas. - ✔✔B A professional counselor determines fees for monthly consultation services on a job-byjob basis. This is an example of which of the following types of reinforcement schedules? A. variable interval B. fixed interval C. variable ratio D. fixed ratio - ✔✔C Research on the development of a person in a so-called "humanistic life outlook" has shown that it is facilitated by A. formal educational experiences. B. observational learning experiences. C. diverse interpersonal interactions. D. all of the above. - ✔✔D When persons who are characteristically shy and withdrawn participate in "assertiveness training," initially they experience uncertainty and self-doubt. Counselors refer to this social psychological concept as A. cognitive dissonance. B. dissociation. C. individuation. D. acculturation - ✔✔A "Men (used here to mean all people) are disturbed not by things, but by the view which they take of them." This quote, attributable to Epictetus, most closely describes the counseling theory developed by A. Rogers. B. Carkhuff. C. Freud. D. Ellis. - ✔✔D The counseling technique in which the counselor intensifies the client's emotional state in order to help the client understand the irrationality of the emotional reaction is known asA. confrontation. B. paradoxical intention. C. systematic desensitization. D. reconfiguration. - ✔✔B Counselors know that groups are formed for different purposes. For example, in some groups the primary goal is to yield some specified outcome, or "product," while in others the primary goal is to focus on the "process" of interaction within the group. Which of the following types of groups is more product than process oriented? [Show More]

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