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CNA Written Test 2022 Answered.

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Standing behind him and using a transfer belt protects both the client and the aide. - When assisting a client in learning to use a walker, it is important to: A. stand behind him and use a transfer... belt. B. put padding all the way around the top rim. C. let him walk by himself so he gains independence. D. let him practice using the walker on the day he is discharged. Urinary retention refers to an inability to urinate. Retention of urine is a symptom that should be reported to the charge nurse as soon as it is noted. - Urinary retention refers to A. a normal output of urine. B. an inability to urinate. C. Incontinence. D. a large output of urine Because of this aspect of hearing loss, the aged hear well if you lower your voice. Shouting in a high-pitched voice does not help. - Normal hearing loss in aging is usually related to the ability to hear A. high-pitched sounds. B. loud sounds. C. all sounds. D. rapid speech. A confused patient may answer to any name or lie down in any bed. - The best way to safely identify your patient is by [Show More]

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