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GCSE CHEMISTRY 8462/1H Paper 1 Higher Tier Mark scheme June 2020

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GCSE CHEMISTRY 8462/1H Paper 1 Higher Tier Mark scheme June 2020 Question Answers Extra information Mark AO / Spec. Ref. 01.1 poly(ethene) water 1 1 AO2 MAR... K SCHEME – GCSE CHEMISTRY – 8462/1H – JUNE 2020 8 Question 1 continued Question Answers Mark AO/ Spec. Ref 01.2 Level 2: Scientifically relevant features are identified; the way(s) in which they are similar/different is made clear and (where appropriate) the magnitude of the similarity/difference is noted. 4–6 AO1 Level 1: Relevant features are identified and differences noted. 1–3 No relevant content 0 Indicative content • (both) carbon dioxide and silicon dioxide are made up of atoms • (but) magnesium oxide is made up of ions • (both) silicon dioxide and magnesium oxide are giant structures • (but) carbon dioxide is small molecules • with weak intermolecular forces • all three compounds have strong bonds • (both) carbon dioxide and silicon dioxide are formed from two non-metals • (so) bonds formed are covalent • (so) electron (pairs) are shared (between atoms) • (but) magnesium oxide is formed from a metal and a non-metal • (so) bonds in magnesium oxide are ionic • (so) electrons are transferred • from magnesium to oxygen • two electrons are transferred [Show More]

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