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Final Exam - Requires Respondus LockDown Browser Due No due date Points 140 Ques!ons 33 Time Limit 90 Minutes Requires Respondus LockDown Browser This quiz is currently locked. A!empt History A"e... mpt Time Score LATEST A!empt 1 90 minutes 117 out of 140 Score for this quiz: 117 out of 140 Submi!ed Mar 9 at 10:37pm This a!empt took 90 minutes. Ques!on 1 2 / 2 pts The neuron pictured, below, is best described as: A&P2 M1 Exam- page 2a.png Bipolar Mul"polar Correct! Unipolar Pseudounipolar Your Answer: Ques!on 2 10 / 10 pts Name and describe what is occurring in the neuron cell membrane in sec"on 2 of the diagram. Include the charge of the membrane during this phase. Depolariza"on, sodium gates are opened and the sodium floods into the axon amidst the depolariza"on of the ac"on poten"al, causing the charge voltage to go from zero to +40 mV. Depolariza!on: The sodium gates open and sodium rushes into the axon during the depolariza!on phase of the ac!on poten!al. Voltage travels past zero and then on up to +40 mV. Your Answer: Ques!on 3 0 / 4 pts This part of a reflex is inside the CNS, made up of one or more synapses. Interneurons, flexor withdrawal reflex or the reflex arc. Integra!on center Ques!on 4 4 / 4 pts What is true about the flexor withdrawal reflex? A. It does not involve interneurons. B. It involves excitatory interneurons. C. It involves inhibitory interneurons. D. The effect of the reflex is to create a co-contrac"on of two muscles E. A&D F. B&C Correct! Your Answer: Ques! 10 / 10 pts on 5 Label the nerves (A-C) in the figure below: A: _________________ B: _________________ C: _________________ A. lateral femoral cutaneous nerve B. Femoral nerve C. Saphenous nerve A- Lateral femoral cutaneous B- Femoral nerve C- Saphenous [Show More]

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