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NURS 611 Advanced Pathophysiology -a comprehensive study guide-2022

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NURS 611 Advanced Pathophysiology -a comprehensive study guide-2022 Key Points Exam 1: Know Cell components and what they do: · Nucleus- Located in the center of the cell and contains the nucleolu... s which is composed of DNA, RNA, histones, and chromosomes. Primary functions are cell division, replication and repair of DNA, and transcription of RNA. · Ribosomes- Protein making factory (nucleoproteins). Goes into the nucleus, gets the “recipe”, transcribes the DNA, brings it out of the nucleus and releases the protein into the cytoplasm. · Lysosome- “garbage disposal”. filled with enzymes that digest organic molecules within the cell. They use hydrolase to break down the molecules. · Peroxisome- “garbage disposal”. Contain oxidative enzymes catalase and urate oxidase. Larger than lysosomes. Detoxifies compounds and fatty acids that contain hydrogen. What are Free Radicals or Reactive Oxygen Species? How do they cause damage? Free radicals are unstable electrically uncharged molecular species that roam free and will steal electrons from other cell membranes thus destroying that cell. CONTINUED.... [Show More]

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