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Test BAnk for Accounting for Governmental & Nonprofit Entities 19e by Jacqueline Reck and Suzanne Lowensohn and Daniel Neely TEST BANK ISBN-13: 9781260809954 Full chapters included Chapter 1: Int... roduction to Accounting and Financial Reportingfor Government and Not-for-Profit Entities PART ONE: State and Local Governments Chapter 2: Principles of Accounting and Financial Reportingfor State and Local Governments Chapter 3: Governmental Operating Statement Accounts;Budgetary Accounting Chapter 4: Accounting for Governmental Operating Activities—Illustrative Transactions and Financial Statements Chapter 5: Accounting for General Capital Assets and CapitalProjects Chapter 6: Accounting for General Long-Term Liabilities andDebt Service Chapter 7: Accounting for the Business-type Activities ofState and Local Governments Chapter 8: Accounting for Fiduciary Activities—Custodial andTrust Funds Chapter 9: FinancialReporting of State and Local Governments PART TWO: Accountability for Public Funds Chapter 10: Analysis of Government Financial Performance Chapter 11: Auditing of Government and Not-for-ProfitOrganizations Chapter 12: Budgeting and Performance Measurement PART THREE: Accounting and Financial Reporting for Not-for-ProfitOrganizations and the Federal Government Chapter 13: Not-for-Profit Organizations— Regulatory,Taxation, and Performance Issues Chapter 14: Accounting for Not-for-Profit Organizations Chapter 15: Accounting for Colleges and Universities Chapter 16: Accounting for Health Care Organizations Chapter 17: Accounting and Reporting for the Federal Government Glossary [Show More]

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