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BIO 104Anatomy Final exam study guide

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Chapter-1: 1) What is anatomy and physiology and the different ways to study A&P? Anatomy structure and location of the body ; Physiology function of the organ.  inspection—simply looking at t... he body’s appearance, as in performing a physical examination or making a clinical diagnosis from surface appearance.  Physical examinations also involve touching and listening to the body.  Palpation1 means feeling a structure with the hands, such as palpating a swollen lymph node or taking a pulse.  Auscultation is listening to the natural sounds made by the body, such as heart and lung sounds.  Percussion, the examiner taps on the body, feels for abnormal resistance, and listens to the emitted sound for signs of abnormalities such as pockets of fluid or air.  dissection the careful cutting and separation of tissues to reveal their relationships  comparative anatomy—the study of more than one species in order to examine structural similarities and differences and analyze evolutionary trends. 2) What are the various branches of anatomy?  Gross anatomy-when your able to see it  Systems anatomy  Surface anatomy-present at the surface  Cross sectional anatomy- when you cut sections in the body and examine it  Regional anatomy- divide the body in certain regions such as thoracic.  Comparative anatomy- study of similarities and differences in the anatomy of different species  Evolutionary anatomy- when you study the evolution of 1 or more species.  Paleoanatomy- study of bones of caveman [Show More]

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