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Biod 171 Exam 4 biomass Answer- total mass of organisms in a given area or volume above ground biomass Answer- total biomass above ground of living plant material primary productivity Ans... wer- amount of carbon fixed by photosynthesis per unit area per time species richness has the biggest effect disturbance Answer- natural disaster, logging, etc affects the populations of interacting species that are independent of their densities tend to be unpredictable remove some organisms from habitat but provide opportunities for others categorized by intensity and frequency of event opens niches community is more prone to invasion after primary succession Answer- appearance of a new habitat follows the destruction of the soil community slow process, starts from bare rock needs soil formation, so breaks down rock establish microbial community accumulation of organic matter and colonization of plans secondary succession Answer- occurs after a disaster if soil community is still present first, pioneering species grows, then more species begin to be added to the community microbiome Answer- all the microorganisms living in association with an organism bacteria, archaea, fungi, viruses various functions in humans: provides barrier to invasion by pathogens, assist with digestion and nutrition, train and educate cells of immune system 3000+ species get from mother, affected by mode of birth affected by genetics biodiversity Answer- many different kinds of organisms in one community human uses include aesthetic value, crops and livestock, medicines, ecosystem services, materials and design ideas [Show More]

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