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NURS 6501 / NURS6501, Advanced Pathophysiology Final exam | Week 11 | Already Graded A | LATEST 2020 / 2021

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NURS 6501 / NURS6501, Advanced Pathophysiology Final exam | Week 11 | Already Graded A | LATEST 2020 / 2021 • Question 1 1 out of 1 points Which statement by the healthcare professiona... l accurately describes childhood asthma? Selected Answer: An obstructive airway disease characterized by reversible airflow obstruction, bronchial hyperreactivity, and inflammation • Question 2 1 out of 1 points A patient is in status epilepticus. In addition to giving medication to stop the seizures, what would the healthcare professional place highest priority on? Selected Answer: Providing oxygen • Question 3 1 out of 1 points A health care professional determines that the student needs more education when the student makes which statement about treating bone infection? Selected Answer: Bacteria are walled off by macrophages and T lymphocytes; consequently, the antibiotics cannot penetrate the infected area. • Question 4 1 out of 1 points A health care professional is teaching a group of college women about increasing calcium in the diet to prevent osteoporosis. A participant asks at what age is peak bone mass is reached in women. What response is best? Selected Answer: 30 years • Question 5 1 out of 1 points What is the link between major depression and cortisol secretion? Selected Answer: Individuals with depression show that persistently elevated plasma cortisol levels can result in inflammation that is believed to trigger depression. • Question 6 1 out of 1 points What diagnosis is given to parents when their infant's hip maintains contact with the acetabulum but is not well seated within the hip joint? Selected Answer: Subluxated hip • Question 7 1 out of 1 points The healthcare professional directs a student to assess a teen who has Osgood-Schlatter disease. What assessment finding does the student anticipate for this disorder? Selected Answer: Tendinitis of the anterior patellar tendon • Question 8 1 out of 1 points What are the clinical manifestations of testicular cancer? Selected Answer: Firm, nontender testicular mass • Question 9 1 out of 1 points A man reports to the healthcare professional that he had a sudden onset of malaise, low back pain, and perineal pain with high fever and chills, dysuria, nocturia, and urinary retention. What action by the healthcare professional is most appropriate? Selected Answer: Assist the man in obtaining a urine sample. • Question 10 1 out of 1 points An infant has been diagnosed with intussusception and the student asks the healthcare professional to explain the condition. What explanation by the professional is most accurate? Selected Answer: One part of the intestine telescopes into another section of the intestine. [Show More]

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