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University of Louisville BIO 240 Inquiring About Life Ch 1 Biology Chapter 1 Evolution, the Themes of Biology, and Scientific Inquiry Inquiring About Life  An organism’s adaptations to its e... nvironment are the result of evolution. o Evolution is the process of change that has transformed life on Earth from its earliest beginnings to the diversity of organisms living today. o Evolution is the fundamental organizing principle of Biology.  The central activities of Biology are posing questions about the living world and seeking answers through scientific inquiry. These questions can be ambitious.  What is Life? We recognize life by what living things do; processing energy, growth and development, response to environment, evolutionary adaptation, order, reproduction. 1.1 The study of life reveals common themes FIVE THEMES: Organization, Information, Energy and Matter, Interactions, Evolution.  Theme: New properties emerge at successive levels of biological organization 1. The Biosphere: All places on earth where life exists. 2. Ecosystems: All living things in a particular area 3. Communities: The array or organisms inhabiting a particular ecosystem 4. Populations: All the individuals of a species living within the bounds of a specified area. 5. Organisms: Individual living things 6. Organs and Organ systems: Carries out a particular function in an organism 7. Tissues: A group of cells that work together, performing a specialized function. 8. Cells: fundamental unit of structure and function of life. 9. Organelles: The various functional components present in cells 10. Molecules: A chemical structure consisting of two or more units called atoms. [Show More]

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