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NATE Exam: Core Essentials | 121 Questions with 100% Correct Answers

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The ability to utilize all types of communication skills is ____ to the HVACR technician. a. not as important as "hands-on" technical skills b. somewhat important c. unimportant d. very important... d (all of the above: clear, complete, concise) - - ✔✔It is important to be ____ in filling out service orders so that office staff, other technicians, and customers will know what work you completed on the job. a. clear b. complete c. concise d. all of the above d (Refrigerant) - - ✔✔When explaining to a customer that you have adjusted the system charge, which of the following terms is most appropriate? a. Freon b. Gas c. Juice d. Refrigerant a (can help you diagnose the problem) - - ✔✔Listening carefully to what a customer is telling you ____. a. can help you diagnose the problem b. is a waste of time c. is not necessary d. often will only confuse you b (listen to the customer first, then ask questions) - - ✔✔When you arrive at a service call and meet the customer, you should ____. a. ask questions first, then listen to what the customer has to say b. listen to the customer first, then ask questions c. avoid discussion with the customer d. remind the customer that you are the professional and get on with your work b (1,600 ft3) - - ✔✔What is the volume of a room that measures 10 ft by 20 ft with an 8- ft ceiling? [Show More]

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