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The client should change the newborn's diaper and examine the circumcision site at least every 4 hr. Use baby wipes containing alcohol to cleanse the penis with each diaper change. Baby wipes contai... ning alcohol can irritate the skin and should be avoided until the circumcision has healed, which usually takes 5 to 6 days. During each diaper change, the penis should be washed gently with warm water and have petroleum jelly applied to the glans. Remove yellow exudate daily using a warm, wet washcloth. The client should not attempt to remove any yellow exudate from the circumcision site because it is part of the healing process, which begins within 24 hr and continues for 2 to 3 days. Disrupting it can cause pain and bleeding. 1) A nurse is teaching about effective breastfeeding to a client who is 3 days postpartum. Which of the following information should the nurse include? "Your milk will replace colostrum in about 10 days." The nurse should inform the client that milk production occurs 3 or 4 days postpartum. The breasts will feel firm and heavy. The client should continue to feed the newborn on demand during this period. "Your breasts should feel firm after breastfeeding." The nurse should inform the client that her breasts should feel softer after feeding. This change indicates that the newborn has emptied the breasts of milk. "Your newborn should urinate at least 10 times per day." The nurse should inform the client that the newborn should void six to eight times per day. The newborn should also have at least three stools per day. It is not uncommon for breastfed newborns to have a stool with each feeding. "Your newborn should appear content after each feeding." The nurse should inform the client that a baby who is sated will appear content after feedings. A baby who continues to show indications of hunger (for example, rooting, sucking on the hands, or crying) might not be effectively emptying the breasts during feedings. 2) A nurse is teaching a client who has pregestational type 1 diabetes mellitus about management during pregnancy. Which of the following statements by the client indicates an understanding of the teaching? "I should have a goal of maintaining my fasting blood glucose between 100 and 120." The nurse should teach the client to maintain her fasting blood glucose level between 60 and 99 mg/dL. "I should engage in moderate exercise for 30 minutes if my blood glucose is 250 or greater." The nurse should teach the client to avoid exercise during periods of hyperglycemia and when positive urine ketones are present. "I will continue taking my insulin if I experience nausea and vomiting." The nurse should teach the client to continue to take her insulin as prescribed during illness to prevent hypoglycemic and hyperglycemic episodes. 3) A nurse is discussing the differences between true labor and false labor with a group of expectant parents. Which of the following characteristics should the nurse include when discussing true labor? Contractions become stronger with walking. The contractions that occur during true labor become stronger and more regular with a change in activity, such as walking. Discomfort can be suppressed with a back massage. The discomfort of false labor can be suppressed by using comfort measures, such as a back or foot massage. With true labor, the client discomfort continues regardless of the use of comfort measures. Contractions become irregular with a change in activity. The contractions that occur during true labor will become stronger and more regular with a change in activity. Discomfort is felt above the umbilicus. The discomfort experienced during the contractions of true labor is felt in the lower back and lower abdomen. Discomfort during false labor is usually felt above the umbilicus. 4)A nurse is teaching a group of parents about newborn safety. Which of the following statements by a parent indicates an understanding of the teaching? "I will put a bib on my baby at night to keep her clothing dry." The parents should avoid placing a bib around their newborns' necks at night to prevent choking and suffocation. "I will cover the crib mattress with plastic to prevent staining." The parents should avoid placing plastic over the crib mattress to prevent suffocation. "I will warm my baby's formula using the lowest setting in the microwave." The parents should avoid heating the formula in a microwave to prevent uneven warming of the formula. "I will dress my baby in flame-retardant clothing." The parents should dress [Show More]

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