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ATI Leadership and Management Final Exam | 160 Questions and Answers | Latest 2020 / 2021

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ATI Leadership and Management Final Exam | 160 Questions and Answers | Latest 2020 / 2021 1. The leader manager of several inpatient units is participating in fiscal planning. During this process... , the leader manager should: ANS: Monitor & evaluate all aspects of the unit's budget control 2. Which client would be most likely to qualify for Medicaid? ANS: An adult client who earns $750 each month 3. A nurse is currently in the "promise" phase of career development. What goal should the nurse prioritize during this stage? ANS: Gaining exposure to a variety of experiences 4. A nurse manager has been required to justify each item of the following year's proposed budget. The manager has been instructed that referring to the previous year's expenditures is not a sufficient justification. What type of budgeting is being used in this facility? ANS: Zero-based budgeting 5. A nurse manager is participating in the budgeting process. What task should the manager perform first? ANS: Determining what needs to be covered in the budget 6. A nurse is constructing a resumé, the nurse should: ANS: Ensure that the document is concise & easy to read 7. A nurse has recently graduated from nursing school & is transitioning into a nursing career. Which activity is the nurse's personal responsibility for career management? ANS: Developing career goals 8. A nurse is interviewing for a position in a healthcare facility. The interviewer identifies a long-term coaching program for career development as one of the benefits in the organization. The nurse should identify what characteristic of this program? ANS: It occurs over the entire employment tenure of an employee 9. A nurse is applying for a job & is not writing a cover letter. The nurse should integrate what characteristics of a cover letter? Select all that apply. ANS: Make a positive first impression, Briefly highlight key points of the resume, Always used when submitting a resume, Introduce the applicant 10. A nurse has a colleague for assistance with a complex wound dressing change. What response suggests that the colleague is at a novice level of nursing experience? ANS: "Sure. Can you give me directions & then I'll do what you say?" 11. How can a nursing professional best demonstrate advanced achievement of competencies? ANS: Achieving a new specialty certification 12. A nurse is currently in the "momentum" career phase. What activity is most appropriate during this stage of the nurse's career? ANS: Being a role model to other nurses 13. What characteristic of a nurse best indicates the attainment of an "expert" level of nursing experience? ANS: The nurse possesses an intuitive grasp of complex clinical situations 14. A recent nursing graduate has begun working full-time & is committed to career planning. What action will be most likely to advance the nurse's career? ANS: Obtaining professional certification 15. An experienced nurse manager describes a recently hired nurse as "very promising>" the manager can best promote this nurse's career development by: ANS: Providing the nurse with increasingly challenging work assignments 16. A nurse manager is arguing for the establishment of a formal career development program in the healthcare facility. What potential benefits should the manager describe? Select all that apply. ANS: Employee attrition can be reduced, Personnel can be used more effectively, New skills are brought into the organization [Show More]

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