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Final Block Study Guide FISDAP Upated 2022 | well outlined study guide | 75 pages

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Final Paramedic Fisdap Study Guide Ems Operations - Page 1 OB/Gynecology - Page 11 Pediatrics - Page 20 Airway - Page 30 Medical Emergencies - Page 39 Trauma - Page Cardiology - Page - Page 54 ... EMS OPERATIONS 1. Airbags Safety During Extrication (2228) • Un-deployed airbags may deploy during extrication and cause harm to the patients and rescuers. • Look for airbag badging or labeling system • A vehicles airbags system comes equipped with an energy capacitor that can store power for up to 30 mins in some models • Remove key from ignition 4. Criteria for Transferring Care of Patient (154) • In your documentation of care, it is important that you were able to show in whose care you left the patient with, otherwise you could face allegations of abandonment. some agencies have begun to require physician or nurse signatures to verify that the patient was left with a medical professional of a higher level of training. Another situation that may require you to document a transfer of care is when you hand over your patient to another agency such as a paramedic transport crew or an air medical team. 5. Decontamination of Airway Equipment • Sanitize and disinfect everything after a call • Any piece of equipment that is intended for single use should be discarded in an appropriate hazardous materials bag. For any reusable piece of equipment that has had direct contact with the patient or patients bodily fluids, use a commercial disinfecting agent for decontamination. Bleach diluted in water (1:10) can also be used as disinfecting agent. 6. Documenting Medication Administration (471) • Documentation is everything, if you did not document it, you didn’t do it. Always document your actions and the patients response on the on the patient care report after administering a medication. This includes... - Name - Dose - Time - Route - Persons name who administered it - Patients response to the medication, whether positive or negative 7. Indications for N95 Mask • 95 (Heppa) Mask on you, surgical or normal mask on patient 8. Indications for Rapid Extrication (1677-1699) (2226) • Patient can be moved from sitting in a car to laying supine on a backboard in 2 mins. Indications listed below - The vehicle or scene is unsafe - The patient cannot be properly assessed before being removed from the car - The patient needs immediate intervention that requires a supine position - The patients condition requires immediate transport to the hospital - The patient blocks your access to another seriously injured patient • A team member should remain with the patient to direct the rescuers who are preforming the disentanglement. For example, unless there is an immediate threat to fire, explosion, or other danger, you should preform a primary assessment and perform and critical interventions before disentanglement begins. This may include providing c-spine immobilization, opening airway, providing O2, ventilations, or controlling significant bleeding. Once life threats have been treated, disentanglement can begin. Sometimes a patient must be removed quickly (Rapid extrication) because his or her general condition is deteriorating and time does not permit meticulous splinting and dressing procedures. Quick removal may also occur if hazards are present, such as as spilled gas or other materials that could endanger the patient or rescue personnel. The only time the patient should be moved prior to completion of initial care, assessment, stabilization, and treatment is when the patient’s or emergency responders life is in immediate danger. [Show More]

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Best FISDAP questions and answers .All what is needed .Well explained answers ande appropriate references

Best FISDAP questions and answers .All what is needed .Well explained answers ande appropriate references

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