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Biology 101 Quiz 8 A large-scale pattern in _______ links the tropical rain forests on the equator to the large hot deserts that tend to occur about 30 degrees north and south of the equator. (Hint... : three words) ans: tropical air circulation The existence of distinct biomes is based on the idea that similar ______ will lead to similar types of plants and animals in a given location on earth. ans: climates Which of the following is responsible for the existence of cold deserts: A)cold winters B)low species diversity C)much grazing by mammals D)rain shadows ans: rain shadows True or False: Ocean and wind currents can move heat away from the tropics to areas north and south of the tropics. ans: True Which of the following biomes is characterized by relatively little rain, warm summers, and cold winters, with vegetation maintained by fire and grazing by herbivores: A)boreal forest B)arctic tundra C)temperate grassland D)hot desert ans: temperate grassland Which of the following biomes has the lowest species diversity: A)boreal forest B)arctic tundra C)temperate grassland D)temperate deciduous forest ans: temperate grassland True or False: Conifers (gymnosperm trees) are the dominant of tree in the temperate deciduous forest. ans: False True or False: The temperate grassland biome covers most of Indiana. ans: False The vast majority of species of animal and plants on earth are found in which of the following biomes: A)tropical savanna B)tropical deciduous forest C)tropical/evergreen forest D)tropical alpine tundra ans: tropical/evergreen forest [Show More]

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