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2021 HESI A2 version 1 and 2. Questions and answers, latest Update. 100% proven pass rate.

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2021 HESI A2 version 1 and 2. Questions and answers, latest Update. 100% proven pass rate. Which of the following is a structure found in the upper respiratory? - ✔✔Pharynx A person who ha... s damage to their ulnar nerve will have decreases sensation in - ✔✔. Arm Which bone dose not articulate with any other bone? - ✔✔Hyoid . Which of the following statements best describe endocrine glands? - ✔✔They secrete chemicals into the blood Diet is important because bone are storage places for - ✔✔Calcium and phosphorous Which organ is part of both the male reproductive system and the urinary system? - ✔✔. Urethra Ligaments provides with connection? - ✔✔Bone to bone What structure conduct urine from the kidney to the urinary bladder? - ✔✔Ureter Anaerobic respiration can lead to a burning sensation caused by with molecule? - ✔✔Lactic acid As part of the negative feedback system, which type of cell is stimulated to resorb bone matrix in response to a decrease in calcium in the blood? - ✔✔Osteoclasts Sweat on the skin's surface cools the body through which process? - ✔✔Evaporation When assessing a female client who describes herself as a vegetarian in the nurse notes that she has an unusual skin color. The nurse should ask the client if she has eaten large amount of: - ✔✔carrot and squash. Which hand position describes an anatomical position of a person who is standing erect with feet forward? - ✔✔Palms of the hand facing anterior Which structure is a ball and socket joint? - ✔✔Shoulder Which anatomical structure houses the malleus, incus, and stapes? - ✔✔Skull ear What are like cells grouped together called? - ✔✔A tissue . The pulse point located behind the knee is palpated over which artery? - ✔✔Popliteal Ceruminous glands secrete - ✔✔Ear wax What type of synovial joint is the elbow? - ✔✔Hinge What occurs when the sympathetic nervous system is stimulated? Increased - ✔✔Cardiac output Where does digestion begin in the digestive system? - ✔✔Oral cavity Which structure regulates the transport of substances in and out of a cell? - ✔✔The cell membrane The mediastinum is located within which cavity? - ✔✔Thoracic . What is the effect of serotonin, a neurotransmitter? - ✔✔Involved with mood, anxiety and sleep What is the response of cells in the collecting tubules in the nephrons when antidiuretic hormone AHD is secreted? - ✔✔. Water is reabsorbed from the urinary filtrate . What is the function of the thrombocytes (platelets)? - ✔✔. Play role in blood clotting Which muscle of the quadriceps femoris group lies on the slide surface of the lower extremity? - ✔✔Vastus lateralis Which structure is located on the sternum - ✔✔Xiphoid process The occipital region is located in which part of the body? - ✔✔Head Which structure carries oxygen to the cells? - ✔✔Hemoglobin Which gland is commonly known as the "Master Gland"? - ✔✔Pituitary Gland Aspirin occurs when there is a tear in which structures? - ✔✔Ligament What epidermal derivative is involved in temperature homeostasis? - ✔✔Eccrine gland Which statement are true about bone? - ✔✔Osteoblast,epiphyseal, diaphysis Aqueous humor is watery fluid in which part of the body? - ✔✔Eye The Malleus, Incus, and Stapes are located in which part of the body? - ✔✔Ear Dorsiflexion plantar flexion are types of joint movement that are associated with which part of the body? - ✔✔Foot Within which vessel does blood return from the lungs? - ✔✔Pulmonary vein . Which part of the brain is involved in auditory functioning? - ✔✔Temporal lobe What internal structure of the ear is concerned with hearing? - ✔✔Cochlea Fertilization of an ovum occurs in which anatomical structure? - ✔✔Fallopian tubes Where is the tubialis anterior muscle located? - ✔✔Lower leg An over-production of cerumen (earwax) can accumulate in which area? - ✔✔External ear canals The mitral value is located between which two structures? - ✔✔Left ventricle & Left atrium . The olfactory nerves is associate in which sense? - ✔✔Smell Vessel carries blood from the body to the heart? - ✔✔Vena cava . Hormone(s) is/are produced by the ovaries? - ✔✔Estrogen & progesterone Plane divides the body into right and left sides? - ✔✔Sagittal Two principles divisions that makeup nervous system? - ✔✔Peripheral (PNS) & Central (CNS) . The orthopedic surgeon informs you that you have broken the distal region of the humerus. What area is he describing? - ✔✔Epiphsis . Part of the brain attaches to spinal cord? - ✔✔Medulla oblongata 25. Which term is used to describe movement of the arms and legs away from midline of the body? - ✔✔Abduction Structure provides a pulse reading in the neck? - ✔✔Carotid Artery Which hormone is produce by the posterior pituitary gland? - ✔✔Oxytocin What is the primary function of the hemoglobin (blood)? - ✔✔Carry oxygen [Show More]

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