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CMCA Practice Exam | 150 Questions with 100% Correct Answers (Mostly Tested Questions

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CMCA Practice Exam | 150 Questions with 100% Correct Answers (Mostly Tested Questions) Quorum requirements conflicts are resolved by: a. state statute b. the board of directors c. a vote of those ... present at a meeting d. appointment of a person as a proxy - ANS-A Fidelity insurance provides coverage to ensure that the: a. board will meet its fiduciary obligations. b. manager will faithfully follow all document provisions. c. association will be covered for shortfalls in the reserve accounts. d. association will recover any funds lost through employee dishonesty - ANS-D Which types of management is the process of operating, maintaining, repairing, and replacing common property? a. human resources b. facilities c. financial d. risk - ANS-B The higher a document's place in the hierarchy, the: a. harder it is to implement b. greater its power with the board c. more it is regulated legally d. great its legal weight in a court of law - ANS-D Based on which type of requirements would you choose a contractor over the association to complete work? a. low urgency, cost adequate tools available b. high urgency, low supervision and training possibly needed c. requires supervision, expertise required and low urgency [Show More]

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