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TRICARE Fundamentals Course (TFC) Pre-Test/Final Exam 2022(Answered correctly)

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Which of the following BEST describes a stateside managed care option for active duty service members who live and work in a designated remote area? - ANS -TRICARE Prime Remote Which of the followi... ng may file a claim with TRICARE? - ANS -All answers apply Which of the following categories of beneficiaries is not eligible for TRICARE Standard/Extra? - ANS -ADSMs TRICARE Reserve Select (TRS) and TRICARE Retired Reserve (TRR) offer: - ANS -Premium-based coverage To make status updates in DEERS, which usually involves presenting documentation, beneficiaries should do which of the following? - ANS -Go to the nearest uniformed services ID card-issuing facility The uniformed services member eligibility categories for the Transitional Assistance Management Program (TAMP) include all of the following EXCEPT: - ANS -Service members who are voluntarily separating from active duty under honorable conditions If a beneficiary is using Home Delivery, he or she can expect to receive a _______ supply and three refills of most medications. - ANS -90 day TRICARE Retiree Dental Program premiums vary depending upon: - ANS -The enrollee's residence and number of family members enrolled Which of the following TRICARE pharmacy program options charges Prime enrollees (except for active duty service members) a 50% point-of-service cost-share? - ANS -Non-network pharmacies A network provider is one who: - ANS -Signed a contractual agreement with the regional contractor TRICARE for Life (TFL) combines TRICARE Standard coverage with Medicare _______________ to provide wrap-around medical coverage to beneficiaries who are both TRICARE and Medicare eligible. - ANS -Part A and Part B The Extended Care Health Option (ECHO) covers service and supplies beyond the basic TRICARE benefit for only: - ANS -Active duty families [Show More]

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