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Prince2 Foundation Complete Solution guide_ updated 2022. OV - 6 aspects of project performance to be manage - 1.Costs 2.TimeScale 3.Quality 4.Scope 5.Risk 6.Benefits OV - 5 characteristics... of a project - 1.Change 2.Temporary 3.Cross functional 4.Unique 5.Uncertainty OV - 4 integrated elements on which Prince2 is based - 1.principles 2.themes 3.processes 4.the project environment OV - 7 Benefits of using Prince2 - 1.can be applied to any projects 2. common vocabulary & approach 3.integrates easily with industry specific model 4.ensure management by exception to make efficient use of executives time 5.ensure focus on the continuing viability of the projet 6.lot of accredited training & consultancy org 7.explicit definition of roles & responsability OV - Customer/Supplier context of Prince2 project - ... OV - 7 Principles - 1.continuous business justification 2.learn from previous experience 3.defined & agreed roles & responsabilities by stages by exception 6.focus on the delivery of products 7.tailoring of methodology OV - Difference between a project & a programme - ... OV - 5 characteristics of a project (detailled) - 1.Change : projects are the means to introduce changes 2.Temporary : one desired change has been implemented business as usual resume (start & end) 3.Cross functional : projects invovle a team of people with different skills working together to introduce a change outside of the team. Often cause strains since each has a different perspective 4.Unique : every project is unique. different team, customer, location 5.Uncertainty : threats & opportunities. More risks. OV - Definition of a project - a temporary organisation that is created for the purpose of delivering one or more business products according to an ageed Business Case OV - 7 themes - 1.Business Case : why 2.Organisation : who 3.Quality : What 4.Plans : How? How much? When? 5.Risk : what if? 6.Change : what's the impact 7.Progress : where are we know? Where are we going? Should we carry on? BC - Purpose of the BC them - is to establish mecanism to judge whether the project is (and remains) desirable, viable and achievable as a means to support decision making in its (continued) investment BC - How the BC supports the continued biz justif principle - by documenting the business justification in the business case describing the reasons for the project based on estimated cost, risk & expected benefits BC - Difference between output, outcome & benefit - output : any of the project's specialist products (tangible or not); (ex : New Sales System) outcome : the result of the change derived from using the project's output (ex:Sales Order are processed faster) benefit: measurable improvement resulting from an outcome that is perceived as an advantage by one or more stakeholders (Costs are reduce by 15%) BC - Purpose of BC & Benefit Review Plan - BC: used to document the justification for the undertaking of a project based on the estimated costs against the anticipated benefits to be gained & offset by any associated risks. BFR : how & when a measurement of the achievement of the project's benefit, expected by senior user, can be made BC - Recommanded composition of a BC (9) - 1. Exec Summary 2. Reasons 3. Business options 4. Expected benefits 5. Expected dis-benefits 6. Timescale 7.Costs 8.Investment appraisal 9.Major risks OR - Roles in OR - Project Board (3) Executive Snr User Snr Supplier Project Assurance (Business, User & Supplier) Project Manager Change Authority Project Support Team Managers Team Members OR - Purpose of OR theme - to define & establish the project structure of accountability & responsability OR - in which process OR them is applied & which roles are responsible for this - ... OR - the 3 projects interest & how these are represented within the three levels of the project mgmt team structure - Business, User & Supplier OR - how the four levels of the project mgmt structure apply to the process model - ... OR - Project Board Role + 4 chars - Executive + Snr Supplier + Snr User has authority & responsability for the project within the instructions (prj mandate) set by corporate or program mgmt Authority; Credibility; Ability to delegate; Availbility OR - Difference between project stakeholders & decision makers - Project stakeholders need to be informed Decision makers need to be on the board OR - purpose of the communication mgmt strategy - Contains a description of the means & frequency of communication to parties both internal & external to the project. It facilitate the engagement with stakeholders through the establishment of a controlled & bi-directional flow of information OR - 4 levels of mgmt - Corporate => program mgmt Directing => project Board Managing => Project Manager Delivering =>Team Manager OR - the Executive role (5) - 1. ultimatly accoutable for the project's success & is the key decision maker 2. His role is to ensure focus on objectives & on delivering a product that will achieve the forecasted benefits. 3. He has to ensure that the project gives value for the money (cost conscious approach). 4.Appointed by corp or prg mgmt & appoint the rest of the team, including the rest of the project board. 5.Responsible for the business cases. OR - Snr User Role (2) - 1. Responsible for specifying the needs of those who will use & for monitoring that the solution will met those needs. 2. He specifies the benefits OR - Snr Supplier Role (2) - 1. represents those designing, developing, procuring & implementing the products 2. accountable for the quality of products OR - Project Manager Role (3) - 1.Single focus for day to day management. Authority to run the project on behalf of the project's board with the contraints defined. 2. responsible for the work of all P2 process except for directing process & appointment of exec & PM 3. Manage the Team Managers & Project Support & is responsible for liaison with project Assurance & the project board OR - Team manager Role (1) - 1.ensure production of those products or Work packages allocated by PM. Reports & take direction from PM. OR - Project Assurance Role (3) - 1. responsible for monitoring all aspects of projects performance & products independantly of the project manager 2.Project board members are responsible for the aspects of PA aligned to their area of concern. They may conduct it or appoint others. They must be independant from the PM. 3.Support the PM by giving advice & guidance. OR - Project Support (1) - the PM. Administer configuration management procedure & tool. PMO. Keep separated from Project Assurance OR - Change Authority - 1.It's the project board responsability to agree to each potential change before it is implemented. Must decide before end of initiation stage if delegation of authority. 2.PB should define in the Configuration Management Strategy a scale of severity ratings for request for change & appropriate authority (Corp; PB; CA;PM) QU - recommanded quality review team roles & responsabilities - ... QU - Purpose of the quality them - to define & implement the means by which the project will create & verify products that are fit for purpose QU - relationship between Quality Assurance & Project Assurance - QA could be used by the PB as part of its Project PA. QA would look for effective PA as one of the indicators that the project is being conducted properly QU - Purpose of quality planning - to provide a secure basis for:: -Project Board Agreement on the overall quality of expectations, the products required with their associated quality criteria, the means by which the quality is assessed & ultimatly the acceptance criteria - Communicating these agreements unambiguously so that all the project stakeholder have a common understanding of what the project is setting out to achieve - Control : establishing a baseline, including quality tolerance & a secure means of achieving products that are fit for purpose QU - Purpose of Customer's quality expectations - A statement about the expected quality. To avoid misinterpretation & inacurrate assumptions about the project's quality requirements QU - Purpose of Quality Register - A register containing summary details of all planned & completed quality activities. The Quality Register is used by the PM & PA as part of reviewing progress QU - Purpose of the Quality Management Strategy - A strategy defining the quality techniques & standards be applied & the various responsabilites for achieving the required quality levels, during a project QU - Purpose of the Quality Control - The process of monitoring specific projects results to determine whether they comply with relevant standards & of identifying ways to eliminate causes of unsatisfactory performance QU - Purpos eof a product description (6) - - understand the detailled nateure, purpose, function & appearance of a product - Define who will use the product - Identify the sources of information or supply for the product - Identify the level of quality required of the product - Enable identification of activities to produce, review & approve the product - Define the people or skills required to product, review & approve the product QU - Purpose & composition of a product description - Identifier, Title; Purpose, Composition, Derivation, Format & presentation, Development skills required, Quality Criteria, Quality tolerance, Quality Method, Quality skills required, Quality responsabilities PL - Levels of plan recommanded by P2 - Project Plan Stage Plan Team Plan *************************CONTINUED* [Show More]

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