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EMS FINAL EXAM 2022/2023 with 100% correct answers

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EMS FINAL EXAM 1. A young female presents with costovertebral angle tenderness. She is conscious and alert with stable vital signs. Which of the following organs is MOST likely causing her pain? A)... Liver B) Kidney C) Pancreas D) Gallbladder 2. A patient whose speech is slurred and difficult to understand is experiencing: A) aphasia. B) dysarthria. C) dysphagia. D) paraplegia. 3. Dyspnea is MOST accurately defined as: A) shortness of breath or difficulty breathing. B) a complete cessation of respiratory effort. C) a marked increase in the exhalation phase. D) labored breathing with reduced tidal volume. 4. Which of the following questions would you ask a patient to ascertain the “M” in the SAMPLE history? A) “Have you ever had any major surgeries?” B) “How long have you had your chest pain?” C) “How much Tylenol do you take each day?” D) “When was the last time that you ate a meal?” 5. When palpating a patient's pulse, you note that it is grossly irregular. You should: A) count the pulse rate for at least 30 seconds to ensure accuracy. B) count the number of pulsations in 15 seconds and multiply by 4. C) count the number of pulsations in 30 seconds and multiply by 2. D) count the pulse rate for a full minute to obtain an accurate reading. 6. Which of the following statements regarding hemophilia is MOST correct? A) Hemophilia is defined as a total lack of platelets. B) Patients with hemophilia may bleed spontaneously. C) Hemophiliacs take aspirin to enhance blood clotting. D) Approximately 25% of the population has hemophilia. 7. Which of the following medications blocks the release of histamines? A) Adrenaline B) Epinephrine C) Diphenhydramine D) Acetaminophen [Show More]

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