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Water Treatment Practice Exam #2| 85 questions| with complete solutions

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What is a pathogen? Correct Answer: Disease-causing microorganisms. What is the impact of algae to water quality? Correct Answer: Taste and odor problems. What is the concentration of chlorine... gas? Correct Answer: 100%. Which of the following is not used to mix coagulants? Correct Answer: Horizontal paddle wheel. What is considered to be a quick remedy to adress a sudden increase in filtered water turbidity? Correct Answer: Feed a filter-aid chemical to the filter influent. What is the likely cause of a pinping noise in a pump? Correct Answer: Cavitation Which of the following controls the efficiency of removing suspended solids in the sedimentation process? Correct Answer: Flowrate What is a sanitary survey? Correct Answer: An analisis to determine all potencial water quality impacts to a proposed well. Which of the following categories does bacterial belong to? Correct Answer: Colloidal Under the Surface Water Treatment Rule, what must the reduction of viruses be through filtration and disinfection? Correct Answer: 99.99% Which of the following is not considered free residual chlorine? Correct Answer: Monochloramine Why is coliform used as a indicator organism? Correct Answer: It reduce the complexity and cost of analysis. What is an example of a non-community, non-transient water Correct Answer: School. What is the purpose of a packing in a pump? Correct Answer: Control the leakege of water along the pump shaft and prevent air from entering along the shaft when the pump is in a suction lift condition. What does the addition of carbon dioxide do to the pH of water? Correct Answer: Lowers it. What is an unconfined aquifer? Correct Answer: One in which groundwater posseses a free surface open to the atmosph [Show More]

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Water Treatment Operator Certification Tests complete compilation Bundle

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