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ATI-TEAS Question Bank 2022 What is the name of the structure that prevents food from entering the airway? a) trachea b) esophagus c) diagram d) epiglottis (Test 1 ) ANS - d) epiglottis ... "the epiglottis covers the trachea during swallowing, thus preventing food from entering the airway" ?= aka the windpipe - is a cylindrical portion of the respiratory tract that joins the larynx with the lungs (Test 1) ANS - Trachea ?= connects the throat to the stomach - when someone swallows, this contracts to force the food down into the stomach - like other structures in the respiratory system, this structure secretes mucus for lubrication (Test 1) Which substance makes up the pads that provide support between the vertebrae? Where is the parathyroid gland located? b) cartilage ANS - Esophagus a) bone c) tendon d) fat (Test 1) a) neck b) back ANS - b) cartilage c) side d) brain (Test 1) ANS - a) neck Which element w/in the respiratory system is responsible for removing foreign matter from the lungs? a) bronchial tubes b) cilia c) trachea d) alveoli (Test 1) ANS - b) cilia (READ STARRED BULLET POINT****) - the cilia are the tiny hairs in the respiratory system that are responsible for removing foreign matter from the lungs **the cilia are located within the BRONCHIAL TUES, BUT it is the cilia that have the responsibility for removing inappropriate materials b4 they enter the lungs** Organized from high to low, the hierarchy of the human body's structure is as follows: organism, organ system, organs, tissues Which of the following comes next? a) molecules b) atoms c) cells d) muscle (Test 1) after cells comes molecules & then atoms NOTE: ANS - d) cells On average, how many neutrons does one atom of bromine (Br) have? - atomic #= 35 - atomic mass= 79.9 a) 35 b) 44.90 c) 45 d) 79.90 (Test 1) ANS - b) 44.90 to determine the number of neutrons (n), subtract the atomic number (35) from the atomic mass (79.9) 79.9 - 35 = 44.90 On average, how many protons does one atom of zinc (Zn) have? NOTE: - atomic # = 30 - atomic mass = 65.39 a) 30 b) 35 c) 35.39 d) 65.39 (Test 1) ANS - a) 30 - The number of protons is the atomic number - The number of protons is the same for every atom of a given element What is the name of the process in the lungs by which oxygen is transported from the air to the blood? [Show More]

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