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AORN Periop 101 Questions with Complete solution In addition to the surgeon, which surgical team members wear sterile gowns and gloves during the procedure? -Answer- Scrub Person AND Surgical assis... tant The pathology laboratory and blood bank are usually situated in which of the following areas? -Answer- Unrestricted area What phases of the nursing process does the periopeartive nurse practice during the preoperative phase of the surgical experience? -Answer- Assessment, Identification of desired outcome, Nursing diagnosis, Planning Data collection is part of which phase in the nursing process -Answer- Assessment Which of the following is considered a critical perioperative nursing diagnosis within the PNDS? -Answer- Risk for perioperative positioning injury Competency statements -Answer- Direct a nurse's activity in the perioperative arena; Provide a basic model to evaluate the quality of nursing practice; Ascertain a level of skills and abilities necessary to fulfill the professional role (All of the above) Defining nursing goals and intervention strategies is a part of which phase in the nursing process -Answer- Outcome identification Match each staff member with the appropriate responsibility -Answer- Scrub personMonitors aseptic technique; RN circulator- Creates and maintains a safe environment; Housekeeping- Cleans the furniture at the end of the OR day; Nurse anesthetistadministers anesthesia to the patient Creating cultures that supports patient safety through which of the following mechanisms? -Answer- Convene and communicate with members about safety; Incorporate attention to patient safety into training programs; Collaborate across disciplines. The IOM report describes the importance of setting standards and expectations for patient safety. Setting standards can_____ -Answer- Set expectations for the health professionals; Establish consistency across individuals and organizations; Help set expectations of consumers and purchases. Which of the following AORN Position Statement on Correct site of surgery is true? - Answer- The staff member should verbally verify the correct site with each member of the surgical team [Show More]

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