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Which are the different types of tissue that exist? Correct Answer: 1.Epithelia 2.Connective 3.Muscle 4. Nervous Tissue Microvilli is found on what cells? Correct Answer: Epithelia Types of... Epithelia Correct Answer: 1. Simple squamous 2.Simple cuboidal/cubical 3.Simple columnar 4.Pseudostratified columnar 5.Stratified squamous 6.Stratified cuboidal 7.Transitional 8.Specialized epithelia-Goblet cells Where are connective tissue cells located? Correct Answer: ECM What are the different types of connective tissue? Correct Answer: 1. Adipose 2. Areolar 3. Special Connective tissue:cartilage, hyaline cartilage,fibrocartilage,elastic cartilage, bone,blood What are the different types of muscle cells? Correct Answer: 1. Smooth 2.Cardiac 3.Skeletal What are the different types of nervous tissues? Correct Answer: 1. Neurons 2. Glia in vivo staining Correct Answer: staining of biological matter while it is still alive and in its biological context in vitro staining Correct Answer: staining technique where the biological matter has been removed from its biological context and it is non-living (and fixed) the three detection methods of staining Correct Answer: 1. chromogenic dyes 2.fluorescent molecules 3.antibody staining [Show More]

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