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Week 2 Nervous System-Introduction Bios 252

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Week 2 Nervous System-Introduction Learning Outcomes: ●Organize the NS into structural and functional divisions ●Locate and identify the cellular components of nervous tissue ●Explain the ... formation of the resting membrane potential and the action potential, and the propagation of the action potential to form a nerve impulse. ●Explain the factors involved in the transmission of an action potential from one neuron to another in the synapse. Introduction The nervous system is a vast network of neurons that act as a communication system throughout the body. The structures of the nervous system include the brain, spinal cord, and nerves. Today you will explore its organization and cellular components. You will also explore the physiology of action potentials that allows communication via electrical impulses. Assignment Part 1: Complete the activities in Anatomy.TV Nervous system: Introduction, Organization, Nervous tissue, Action Potentials, Synapses To access Anatomy.TV: Resources tab>Library>Library Resources-Database A- Z>Anatomy.TV>Titles(default tab): Choose Nervous system>choose assigned sections You will work through the material and activities by scrolling down on the right. This will allow you to see and work through all activities for that section. Keep the lab report with you as you complete the activities to record data. Part 2: Complete the lab report. [Show More]

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