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Chapter 1: Introduction to Pathophysiology

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Chapter 1: Introduction to PathophysiologyTest BankTRUE/FALSE Normal ranges for physiologic parameters are arbitrarily defined based on population 1.sampling.ANS:T 2.Values outside the normal range ... for a particular variable are always indicative of disease.ANS:F 3.Illness and disease always coexist.ANS:F 4.Normalcy is culturally defined.ANS:T 5.A change in a physiologic variable is more significant than the absolute values.ANS:T 6.Most homeostatic mechanisms function via positive feedback loops.ANS:F 7.Homeostatic control mechanisms function primarily during disease states.ANS:F 8.Epidemiology is the study of disease expression in individuals.ANS:F 9.The etiology and pathogenesis of most disease states have been well defined by research.ANS:F 10.Individuals experiencing the same disease process exhibit the same clinical manifestations.ANS:F MULTIPLE CHOICE 1.C.Q. was recently exposed to group A hemolytic Streptococcusand subsequently developed a pharyngeal infection. His clinic examination reveals an oral temperature of 102.3° F, skin rash, and reddened throat mucosa with multiple pustules. He complains of sore throat, malaise, and joint stiffness. A throat culture is positive for Streptococcus,and antibiotics have been prescribed. The etiology of C.Q.'s disease isaa sore throat..bstreptococcal infection..cgenetic susceptibility..dpharyngitis..ANS:B 2.Which of the following is a statement about disease pathogenesis?aPharyngitis is caused by group A hemolytic Streptococcusinfection..bStreptococcal infection activates immune cells, leading to inflammation..cSore throat and mucosal inflammation are common signs and symptoms of .pharyngeal infection.dAntibiotic [Show More]

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