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Psych Final exam 1.When we say a client has effective coping mechanisms, we are actually sayingthe client is mentally Healthy 2.What do we hope the client learns in psychosocial rehab? a.The skills... and support needed to carry out the activities of daily living as actively and independent as possible 3.What is the frontal lobe of the brain responsible for? a.Planning, decisions and memoryb.Displacement: Husband throw coffee pot through wall "I do this every time I get too mad"c.Rationalization: "I need a drink until I am drunk, because my wide nags me when I get home"d.Suppression: Woman with history of breast cancer "forgets" to schedule mammograme.Projection: Child refuses to go to school, because he is afraid others will make fun of himf.Reaction formation: Male teen with homosexual feelings, dates and has sexual relations with multiple females 4.What are some things that Partial hospitalization programs used for in the community?a.Provides care and treatment for clients who are too ill to be independent clients are gradually introduced to the community 5.Know patient rights and which one can be revo [Show More]

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