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BSC 2346 A & P Module 5 Mid Term Exam; Latest Complete Solution Guide; Rasmussen College.

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BSC 2346 A & P Module 5 Mid Term Exam Mid Term- Module 5 Which choice best describes the function of the haversian (central) canals within bone? What statement is NOT true regarding synovial ... joints? Which is NOT true regarding osteoporosis? Which statement is true of the epiphyseal plates of bones? What statement is true of the glenohumeral (shoulder) joint? What is the best statement to describe what a fascicle is? Which statement is NOT true of articulations (joints)? The cross bridging process in muscle contraction requires ATP? Which statement is true of articulations (joints)? Which is NOT true regarding the epiphyseal plates? Which is the cell found in majority within the epidermis? Keratinocytes What is NOT a Characteristic to a synovial joint? What is the layer between the epidermis and dermis that is ultimately responsible for fingerprints called? Negative feedback loops are utilized by the body to maintain metabolism? Sodium ions (Na+) must bind to troponin in order for the muscle contraction process to occur? What is not a function of the integument system? A strain occurs when there is ligament damage to a joint? A bursa can reduce the friction of a tendon rubbing over a bone? Wolf’s law of bone relates to the concept of bone density is directly related to the dietary ingestion of calcium? The arrangement of the fascicles in a muscle influences the direction a muscle will contraction? A ligament connects a muscle to a bone while a tendon stabilizes a joint by connecting or joining one bone to another. False Which statement is NOT true regarding the hip? Which of the choices is NOT true regarding muscle contraction? The majority of joints within the body are classified as: Which statement is NOT true regarding articulations? Which bone cell is responsible for stimulating the production of extracellular matrix and increasing its overall concentration? Blood cell production is a primary function of the skeletal system? Which statement is NOT true regarding muscles? Which statement is true regarding osteoarthritis? The organic components of the extracellular matrix space include collagen fibers? Which cellular organelle is responsible for the production of ATP? A motor unit is all the muscle fibers one motor neuron innervates? Skin cancer originates in the dermis of the skin? Which choice is NOT true regarding bone tissue? Which choice is true regarding myoglobin? Which type of skin cancer has the highest fatality rate? Which of the following muscles is not a SITS muscle? Parathyroid gland will cause an increase activity of the osteoclasts? This type of gland secretes an oily secretion that helps lubricate and keeps the skin and hair from becoming dried out? What is NOT found in the dermis layer of skin? Aerobic respiration is performed by which cellular organelle? The first step in bone fracture repair is the formation of the fibrocartilaginous callus? Which of the following protein molecules provides the binding site for the myosin heads? This type of tissue is found exposed to external environments, lines hollow organs such as the stomach and bladder, and plays an integral role in the epidermis? Which statement is NOT true regarding the skeletal system? Autosomal recessive traits and disorders typically show up in each generation. For the thick filament and the thin filament to release or un-attach during muscle contraction, this process requires ATP? Osmosis is the movement of random molecules from a high to low concentration across a selectively permeable membrane? Aerobic respiration creates lactic acid as a by product but produces far more ATP than anaerobic respiration? Which is not true of muscular tissue and/or muscle contraction? [Show More]

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