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BIO201L Lab 1 Introduction to Science WORKSHEET[ DOWNLOAD TO PASS]

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Lab 1 Introduction to Science BIO201L Student Name: -- Access Code (located on the lid of your lab kit): -- Pre-Lab Questions Questions 1. Write a description next to each of the following terms ... to help you remember them: a. Transverse plane CUTS BODY IN HALF AT WAIST b. Sagittal plane CUTS THROUGH MIDDLE OF BODY TO MAKE A LEFT AND RIGHT c. Midsagittal plane DIVIDES THE BODY EQUALLY IN HALF LEFT AND RIGHT d. Coronal plane DIVIDES THE BODY DOWN TO FORM FRONT AND BACK 2. Identify the major organs that are contained in each cavity listed below. Indicate whether they belong in a cavity subdivision, and if so, name the cavity subdivision. a. Dorsal cavity Contains the nervous system organs such as brain and spinal cord. The brain is located in the cranial cavity. b. Ventral cavity Contains the lungs which are part of the thoraci 3. Match the body cavities that have to be opened during the listed surgical procedures listed below. Note that more than one choice may apply. (a) thoracic (b) vertebral (c) abdominopelvic (d) pericardial (e) pleural (f) cranial d. Liver operation A Triple bypass heart surgery (arteries on the heart) c. Stomach stapling Lab 1 Introduction to Science BIO201L e Removal of a section of lung or lobe f. Manual pressure release of a brain tumor c Appendix removal c. Gastric bypass surgery (stomach, small intestine) 4. Fill in the blanks using your knowledge of regional landmarks from Figure 3. Regional Landmark Description (Layman’s Terms) acromial shoulder umbilicus Belly button posterior back antebrachium forearm femur Thigh bone popliteal back of knee sura calf phlanges toes pollex thumb lumbus Back sides olecranon back of elbow Oral cavity mouth 5. In your own words, write a description next to each set of directional terms that will help you [Show More]

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BIO201L LAB 1 Introduction to Science QUIZ[ ALREADY PASSED] BIO201L Lab 1 Introduction to Science WORKSHEET[ DOWNLOAD TO PASS] BIO201L Lab 2 Cell Structure and Function QUIZ[ALL ANSWERS 100% CORRECT...

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