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NR-293 Week 7 Discussion: Unfolding Case Study (GRADED A)

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NR-293 Week 7 Discussion: Unfolding Case Study (GRADED A) Lillian is scheduled for discharge today. What key information should she know about her medications? For your second post this week, ... answer the 'Hot Flash' question. Hot Flash What are the current recommendations for hormonal replacement therapy in women? Choose either a prescription or herbal treatment to discuss. Hello class and professor, Part 1 Looking back at the list from week 1, Lillian has a lot of medications that she is currently taking: Captopril, Alprazolam, Insulin lispro, Tramadol, Furosemide, Ciprofloxacin, Pilocarpine, and Lasix. Lillian must follow the proper dosages and times for the medications to be taken. This prevents any unwanted interactions and complications of drugs. Drug interactions can occur at any time. The reasons that clients may experience drug interactions include polypharmacy, a patient's lack of knowledge of medication instructions, and interactions that may occur when taking over-the-counter and herbal supplements (Lilley, Collins, & Synder, 2020). Some strategies to prevent drug interactions include keeping a list of medications and bringing them to each doctor's appointment. The nurses should educate Lillian about the medication's interactions with foods or other medications that may increase [Show More]

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