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TIPS Certification Study Guide Already Passed

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3 Types of Illegal Alcohol Sales ✔✔1. Underage - guests under 21 2. Third Party - guests who are buying for someone underage 3. Visibly Intoxicated 2 Kinds of Law Covering Liability for Servers... of Alcohol ✔✔1. Common Negligence Laws 2. Dram Shop Liability Laws Common Negligence Laws ✔✔1. Not specific to alcohol 2. Can involve illegal alcohol sales 3. Based on Court Cases 4. Sets a standard for what "reasonable person would do" 5. Every jurisdiction Dram Shop Liability Laws ✔✔1. Specific to alcohol sales. 2. Applies to owners of license and their employees. 3. Explain expectations for preventing illegal alcohol sales 4. Set monetary limits for financial judgements in lawsuits 5. Some jurisdictions local liquor board ✔✔government entity that regulates alcohol sales Reasonable Efforts ✔✔Steps to prevent illegal alcohol sales and their consequences Benefits of Using Reasonable Efforts ✔✔1. Protect yourself from penalty and liability 3 Examples of Reasonable Efforts ✔✔1. Follow safe serve guidelines [Show More]

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