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LETRS Units 5 - 8 Pre & Post Test Graded A

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LETRS Units 5 - 8 Pre & Post Test Graded A Once students decode well, which statement describes the relationship between vocabulary and reading comprehension? - ANSWER Vocabulary is the best single... predictor of reading comprehension. In teaching the word invisible, the teacher broke it into the parts in - vis - ible and talked about the meanings of the parts. Which aspect of language was emphasized? - ANSWER morphology The Hart and Risley study (1995) identified a "30-million-word" gap. This gap refers to: - ANSWER the difference in the number of words heard by preschool children raised in high- and low-language family environments. Which of the following is least likely to narrow the vocabulary gap between languagerich and language-poor students? - ANSWER watching children's television programs To introduce a Tier 2 vocabulary word explicitly and systematically before reading, which of these strategies would be the least effective? - ANSWER asking students to write the word 10 times until they can spell it Students must learn the meanings of several thousand new words every year if they are going to meet grade-level expectations for vocabulary growth. About how many of those word meanings should teachers aim to teach explicitly and thoroughly per week? - ANSWER 10-12 When a student is an accurate but slow reader, which of the following practices is most effective? - ANSWER Focus instruction on foundational reading skills that address multiple aspects of language. [Show More]

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