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Type : Graded Quiz Attempts : 1/1 Questions : 12 Time : 30m Due Date : Oct 24, 2021, 11:59 PM Your Score : 10/10 Instructions Attempt History Attempt #1 Oct 24, 2021, 8:06 PM Marks: 10 Q No... : 1 Correct Answer Marks: 1/1 Which year has the most number of records? [include all (duplicates as well if any) & use Year column] 2013 2021 2016 You Selected 2014 Correct Answer Alexander Bond You Selected Melody Nelson Summer Hayward Correct Answer Ruby Patel Q No: 2 Which customer has the max profit in an order? [Hint: Max Profit for the company] Q No: 3 Marks: 1/1 Marks: 1/1 Which customer has been the least profitable one considering the sum of all profit? Ruby Patel Devin Huddleston Summer Hayward Melody Nelson You Selected Correct Answer 3 Days 2 Days 5 Days You Selected 4 Days Correct Answer Q No: 4 Marks: 1/1 What is the average duration between ship date and order date for Ship Mode "Economy"? [Show More]

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