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C785 Biochemistry preassessment with complete solution

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Assuming 100% reaction efficiency, how many DNA copies are created after the completion of four complete PCR cycles? Correct Answer-16 What is the function of DNA polymerase in the process of PCR? C... orrect Answer-It recognizes the primers and uses the available dNTPs to replicate the template DNA sequence. What are possible blood types of the parents of a patient with blood type AB? Correct Answer-A and B 115 116 117 118 − Amino Acid Number Tyr Gly Thr Pro − Amino Acid Sequence TAC GGG ACA CCA − DNA Sequence What is the amino acid in position 118 that results from a single nucleotide insertion immediately following the three guanines that encode for glycine 116? Correct Answer-Thr In sickle-cell disease, the glutamic acid (Glu) at position number seven is mutated to valine (Val). What change in codons corresponds to this mutation? Correct Answer-GAA to GTA Which type of mammalian DNA damage repair requires the presence of the chromosome that is homologous to the damaged chromosome? Correct Answer-Recombination Xeroderma pigmentosum (XP) is a recessive genetic disease that occurs when one or more of the genes that perform nucleotide excision repair are nonfunctional. Why do XP patients have a much higher incidence of skin cancer than the general population? Correct Answer-The mutation rate of all other genes is higher due to failure to repair. [Show More]

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