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WGU C720 Operations and Supply Chain Management - Study Guide

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Teamwork ✔✔Teamwork in operations benefit the customer when coordinated decisions within an organization produce high quality products that customers value. Teamwork can help make improvements t... o products. To remain competitive in the global marketplace, teamwork should be utilized to help solve quality and productivity problems. Product and process design ✔✔Product and process design are crucial and relate to both the design of goods and services. Product design ✔✔consideration of the characteristics, features, and performance of the product. Product technology ✔✔application of knowledge to improve the product. Process design ✔✔describes how a product will be made. Process technology ✔✔application of knowledge to improve a process. Common goals ✔✔Most organizations develop common goals during the budgeting and planning process, which are done annually. Most common type of organization ✔✔Many businesses are shifting to organization by process due to today's fast paced environment. Organizational structures ✔✔designed by process cross-functional lines. Cross-functionality ✔✔a unique feature important to any organization. [Show More]

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