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AZ 104 Renewal Exam Questions andAnswers Latest Update 2022/2023

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This document is highly rated and recommended 1) You plan to deploy an Azure web app that will have the following settings: • Name: WebApp1 • Publish: Docker container • Operating system: W... indows • Region: West US • Windows Plan (West US): ASP-RG1-8bcf You need to ensure that WebApp1 uses the ASP.NET v4.7 runtime stack. Which setting should you modify? Select only one answer. Region Operating system Publish Windows Plan 2) You have the following Azure resources: • Azure Key Vault named KeyVault1 • Azure App Service named WebApp1 You need to ensure that WebApp1 can access KeyVault1 by using Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) authentication. Which two settings can be used to configure WebApp1? Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Select all answers that apply. User assigned managed identity Application settings TLS/SSL bindings App Service Authentication System assigned managed identity 3) You have an Azure web app named WebApp1. You discover that backup options are unavailable for WebApp1. You need to back up WebApp1. What should you do first? Select only one answer. Modify the platform settings of WebApp1. Modify the Application settings of WebApp1. Scale up the app service plan. Scale out the app service plan. 4) You have an Azure web app named Contoso2023. You add a deployment slot to Contoso2023 named Slot1. You need to be able to perform a deployment slot swap with preview. What should you modify? Select only one answer. application settings for Contoso2023 general settings for Contoso2023 application settings for Contoso2023-Slot1 general settings for Contoso2023-Slot1 [Show More]

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