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Online Health; Unit Test: Health and Physical Activity (Passed with 96%) How can teens model good physical fitness to other teens in their neighborhood? A. by reading books at the library B. by baking... cookies for the elderly C. by riding their bikes to school D. by growing vegetables in their own gardens In general, which factor is NOT critical when pregnant? A. getting regular prenatal checkups B. avoiding tobacco C. avoiding drugs and alcohol D. weighing yourself daily Chen is trying to determine why he usually skips breakfast. He writes the following notes in his journal: 1. I have several healthy foods available. 2. I wake up well before I have to leave in the morning. 3. My parents rarely eat breakfast. 4. My doctor says breakfast provides the energy I need to start the day right. Which item from his notes is most likely the reason Chen skips breakfast? Which is an example of the consequences of unhealthy eating? A. An adult female prevents bone loss by eating adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals. B. An active young adult is placed on medication to treat a sprained ankle. C. An obese young adult has been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. D. An adult male has surgery to treat a disease that his parent passed on to him. What is a short-term consequence of a sedentary lifestyle? A. high blood pressure B. decrease in flexibility C. diagnosed with being obese D. development of heart disease Which personal goal should Abigail incorporate into her plan for healthy eating? A. Exercise and eat a well-balanced diet when the feeling is right. B. Look for food options with a large amount of refined grains. C. Eliminate foods high in protein from her diet. D. Increase intake of foods rich in soluble and insoluble fiber. Which friend is experiencing an internal barrier to physical fitness? A. Mark lacks access to fitness equipment. B. Tyler has trouble finding a safe area to work out. C. Talia puts in only 50 percent of effort during her workout. D. Clark's parents fail to support his desire to work out. This graph indicates the percent of the US population that is above or below the recommendation or limits for dietary components. Approximately what percent of the population is above the daily limit in added sugar, saturated fats, and sodium? Which of the following statements is NOT true? A. Infants' diets, which primarily consist of breast milk or formula, are higher in fat than other diets. B. Adolescents need more calories and nutrients, especially if they are very inactive. C. Adults' activity levels tend to decline in age, which require a reduction in the amount of calories consumed. D. Children who are two years or older can follow the recommendations of the food guide pyramid. A doctor confirms that a patient is overweight after performing multiple tests and calculating the patient's body mass index (BMI). Which strategy will the doctor most likely recommend to help the patient reduce his weight in a healthy way? A. Follow a workout plan if there is extra time in the day. B. Eat one serving of fruit each week. C. Follow a diet that increases food consumption. D. Join a weight-loss support group. - Which group requires a caloric intake range of 1800-2400 calories per day? A. teen boys B. teen girls C. male adults D. nursing women Which behavior would most likely have a positive influence on body image? A. checking body weight daily B. following current dietary fads on social media C. defining body image through magazines and television D. using consistent routines for health and beauty Which of the following processes does the body NOT use protein to perform? A. repairing muscles B. producing hormones C. making hemoglobin D. creating amino acids Which of these is a fact about performing-enhancing drugs? A. Steroids lack addictive properties. B. Steroid use can cause dangerous side effects. C. It is safe to use steroids when working out. D. A person can never get into legal trouble for using steroids. An obese, adult male was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Which research evidence best supports this diagnosis? A. Adults have a higher risk of developing unhealthy outcomes when they are obese. B. The prevalence of obesity tends to decrease from youth to adulthood. C. Adult men who are obese are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes at a significantly higher rate than adult women who are obese. D. Adults who continually make poor eating choices have a lower risk of developing chronic diseases. Lea wants to maintain strong bones as she ages. Which bone-strengthening activity should she incorporate into her current plan? A. running B. biking C. horse back riding D. yoga Which activity can help teens serve as role models for younger siblings in the area of healthy nutrition? A. Run two miles every day. B. Drink water instead of soda. C. Sleep eight hours every night. D. Spend time outdoors when possible. What advice should be given to a friend who thinks that eating healthy is too hard? A. Add vegetables to your favorite meal. B. Buy more packaged foods. C. Keep potato chips out in a bowl. D. Add butter and salt to meals for flavor. Several studies have found that in the United States ,their is a rising trend of obesity for people between the ages of 2 and 19. What does this say about the country's overall health ? A. Youth are at a lower risk of developing chronic diseases later in life. B. Healthier food choices are an important factor in reducing obesity and other chronic illnesses. C. Youth aged 2 to 19 years are less likely to consume unhealthy foods. D. An increase in youth diagnosed with nutrition-driven chronic disease will not likely continue. Yosef has a neighbor who is pregnant and nutritionally at risk. She has dropped out of school and lost her job. Which program should Yosef recommend to his neighbor? A. Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) B. Boys & Girls Club programs C. National School Lunch Program (NSLP) D. Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) How do nutritional needs change over time? A. The number of calories needed increases throughout a person's lifetime. B. The number of calories needed increases from infancy to young adulthood. C. The number of calories needed increases from young adulthood until old age. D. The number of calories needed remains the same from young adulthood throughout old age. Which is one method that should be implemented in a safe workout plan? A. learn how to warm up B. push through any bodily symptoms C. work out through minor muscle strain D. perform a cardio workout when the road is slightly damp Thomas is a marathon runner. He eats a well-balanced diet and drinks plenty of fluids, but he should take supplements to account for all the calories he loses while running. - The gestational age of the embryo is measured from when the sperm and egg unite. - The graph shows the percentage of calories that children and adolescents get from fast food. A graph titled Percentage of Calories from Fast Food. Normal children obtain 8.8% of calories from fast food. Obese children obtain 16.4% of calories from fast food. Normal adolescents obtain 10.1% of calories from fast food. Obese adolescents obtain 18.6% of calories from fast food. Approximately what percentage of calories do obese adolescents obtain from fast fo [Show More]

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