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ServSafe-7th-Edition-Diagnostic-Test | Contains 160 Questions and Answers

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C Ans- The purpose of a food safety management system is to A) keep all areas of the facility clean and pest-free. B) identify, tag, and repair faulty equipment within the facility. C) prevent food... borne illness by controlling risks and hazards. D) use the correct methods for purchasing and receiving food. D Ans- A manager's responsibility to actively control risk factors for foodborne illnesses is called A) hazard analysis critical control point (HACCP). B) quality control and assurance. C) food safety management. D) active managerial control. C Ans- A manager asks a chef to continue cooking chicken breasts after seeing them cooked to an incorrect temperature. This is an example of which step in active managerial control? A) Identifying risks B) Monitoring C) Corrective action D) Re-evaluation A Ans- A manager walks around the kitchen every hour to answer questions and to see if staff members are following procedures. This is an example of which step in active managerial control? A) Management oversight B) Corrective action C) Re-evaluation D) Identify risks A Ans- One way for managers to show that they know how to keep food safe is to A) become certified in food safety. B) take cooking temperatures. C) monitor employee behaviors. D) conduct self-inspections. D Ans- A power outage has left hot TCS food out of temperature control for six hours. What must be done with the food? A) Cool the food to 41°F (5°C) or lower. B) Serve the food immediately. C) Cook the food 165°F (74°C). D) Throw the food away. B Ans- An imminent health hazard, such as a water supply interruption, requires immediate correction or A) a HACCP plan. B) closure of the operation. C) evaluation of the situation. D) normal operating procedures. A Ans- What is the best way to protect food from deliberate tampering? A) Make it as difficult as possible for someone to tamper with it. B) Allow former employees into the operation. C) Perform spot inspections on new vendors. D) Use the USDA A.L.A.R.M. system. D Ans- To prevent the deliberate contamination of food, a manager should know whom to contact about suspicious activity, monitor the security of products, keep information related to food security on file, and know A) when to register with the EPA. B) how to fill out an incident report. C) where to find Safety Data Sheets in the operation. D) who is in the facility. C Ans- Where should food handlers wash their hands? A) Prep sink B) Utility sink C) Designated sink for handwashing D) Three-compartment sink A Ans- What must food handlers do after touching their body or clothing? A) Wash their hands B) Rinse their gloves C) Change their apron [Show More]

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