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T/F You may be charged with a crime simply for serving a guest who appears to be intoxicated. Ans- True T/F It is illegal to serve alcohol to a pregnant woman. Ans- False T/F Dram shop laws protec... t the server from being sued in the event that an intoxicated guest injures another individual. Ans- False T/F The state liquor authority can suspend an establishment's liquor license for allowing a minor to enter the establishment with a fake ID. Ans- True T/F All guests must be 21 years old to purchase alcohol. Ans- True What is the difference between Criminal Law and Civil Law? Ans- Criminal Law - May face criminal charges if you break state, county, or municipal alcohol laws. (Criminal court) Civil Law - Can be sued to pay damages to an injured guest if you contributed to the guest's injury or did nothing to prevent it. (Civil court) Dram Shop Laws Ans- - Allow a third party to sue for injuries caused by a guest who was drinking there. - Allow third parties to sue business, employees, etc. - Provide limits on money damages that can be awarded to third parties. What are the three types of damages awarded? Ans- Actual Damages Compensatory Damages Punitive Damages How old do you need to be to purchase alcohol in all 50 states? Ans- 21 years old Who is alcohol authority? Ans- State or municipal agency that enforces alcohol regulations and licensing laws. - Often called ABC (Alcohol Beverage Control) When are you allowed to serve alcohol? Ans- 9AM - 2AM How old do you have to be to serve alcohol? Ans- 18 Years Old State or municipal liquor authorities can issue citations for a) drunk driving b) serving a pregnant woman c) serving alcohol to a minor d) fighting in the establishment Ans- C Which is a role of the liquor authority? a) issue liquor licenses b) initiate law suits against drunk drivers c) issue citations to minors for presenting fake IDs d) initiate criminal charges against establishments who serve minors Ans- A Which is a criminal violation related to the sale and service of alcohol? a) serving alcohol to a minor b) failing to fill out an incident report c) firing a server who over-served a guest d) refusing to serve a guest who arrived intoxicated Ans- A Which situation best describes dram shop liability [Show More]

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