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Randomized Practice Final TCFP FF2: Latest Updated: Questions & Answers

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Under the Incident Command System, the __________ is responsible for determining the strategic goals for control of an incident. Question 1 options: 1) Incident Commander 2) Operations Office... r 3) Planning Officer 4) Administration Officer (Ans - 1) Incident Commander In the Incident Management System, who is the one person ultimately responsible for managing an incident? Question 2 options: 1) A Chief Officer 2) The Planning Chief 3) The Incident Commander 4) The Operations Chief (Ans - 3) The Incident Commander 6.2.1 REPORTS 6 National Fire Incident Reporting System information is transmitted to the: Question 3 options: 1) U. S. Fire Administration. 2) Emergency Management. 3) Department of Homeland Security. 4) National Fire Protection Association. (Ans - 1) U. S. Fire Administration. 6.2.2 COMMUNICATIONS 28 The tracking of personnel working at an incident requires a system that is standardized for every incident to establish: Question 4 options: 1) accountability. 2) chain of command. 3) unity of command. 4) span of control. (Ans - 1) accountability. 6.2.2 COMMUNICATIONS 21 An employee becomes frustrated because they cannot comply with conflicting orders from different bosses. This situation was most likely caused by a violation of: Question 5 options: 1) chain of command. 2) division of labor. 3) span of control. 4) unity of command. (Ans - 4) unity of command. 6.3.1 LIQUID FIRE 49 One method to extinguish fires in stacked materials is to: Question 6 options: 1) use Class A foam. 2) use an aqueous film forming foam penetrating nozzle. 3) apply sand to cover the fire. 4) ignite backfire torch. (Ans - 1) use Class A foam. 6.3.1 LIQUID FIRE 40 Which is a hydrocarbon? Question 7 options: 1) Ketone 2) Kerosene 3) Alcohol 4) Acetone (Ans - 2) Kerosene [Show More]

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